June 2008

Unlike the medical students, students in the Strich School of Nursing are allowed to use our library resources in addition to the medical library resources. The Nursing students should have a regular LOCUS/Blackboard password to use for our library resources. If they do not know what this password is, they can call Academic Computing to find out.

They should also have an ARCHES password, which they should use to access medical library resources. Their ARCHES password will not work for our library resources. They should call the medical library if they have trouble with the ARCHES password for medical library resources.

Any questions? Let me know.


Users can now print from their laptop to the oneprint printer, which it the printer located on the 7th floor.

Reminder: Please use the pre-printed out-of-order signs that are kept at the Circulation desk or at the Reference desk for machines that are out of order. These signs have space to write in what is wrong with the equipment and a note regarding service calls. Please fill out the form as completely as possible. Please do NOT type up out-of-order signs.

Thank you!


Here is a bit more about each room:
If you reserve one of these rooms, you can ask the student at the Information Desk on Level 3 to let you in and identify yourself as a Library Employee.
Please keep in mind that this is a quiet floor and voices do carry, so if you need to have a meeting of a confidential nature, then I don’t recommend these rooms. You can hear people talking if you are in the next room, at the chairs or computers near the rooms.
– for how many people? Each of the rooms will accommodate small groups of approximately 8-10 people.
– what’s available in/from the room?
In Room 314 and 315 are computers with monitors on the wall. 316 has a table. There are outlets if you need to plug in additional hardware.
Yesterday the alumni computer was removed from the 6th floor. Alumni now need to obtain a user name and password from the 7th floor IT desk. For one day only they will be able to login to any public PC in the library or computer labs with that information. If they return the following day they will need to get another user name and password.
If you are working when the IT desk is closed on the seventh floor you will need to contact the Information Commons at the LSC, ask for IT, and then ask for a user name and password for the alumni.
They will probably want you to send them an email verifying the alumni’s name after you get off the phone.
In the next couple of weeks we might need to change the way in which we contact IT when the 7th floor office is closed so be prepared for another email…..
In the meantime here is the phone number to the Information Commons if you need to contact them:

Cudahy Reference Desk has a new phone number – x8-2694. The “old” phone number (x8-2654) is now the number for the Klarchek Information Commons Reference Desk.


All videos must be booked in advance before they can be used (or viewed) in the library. We had a person come in to say they were told they can just come in a view a video. If the person needs to RUSH book something, they must follow the procedure on this URL: http://libraries.luc.edu/services/avservices.htm#request. Rush requests are processed only from 8:30 am to 4 p.m. Monday through Friday.