July 2011

By Tara Radniecki
You may have noticed that Web of Science has a new platform and I thought since many of us use this resource it would be good to get everyone updated. 
While it looks very similar to the old interface (very few cosmetic changes happened beyond the color scheme), there are some important feature changes.  I’ve outlined some of the major changes below and provided a link for more information if you are interested.
  • Mobile Access There is a mobile interface now available.  Also, patrons can create accounts while on-campus (or within the proxy) which then allows them to use Web of Science remotely without logging into the proxy for 6 months.
Searching Changes
  • No more stop words, such as ‘a, an, down, the, of’.  This makes searches like ” Vitamin A” and ‘Down Syndrome’ possible
  • Lemmatizations – provide stemming for plurals, verb tenses, degrees (fast, faster, fastest, etc).  Can be turned off by patron if desired.
  • British/US spelling variations and synonyms  (color will also find colour.  Elevator will also find lift.)
  •  Left hand truncation – helpful when looking for chemical substances
  • NEAR/x capabilities – similar to other databases.  petrol near/5 emissions  will find all results where petrol appears within 5 words of emissions
  • Can now search by DOI
  • Can now search by volume, issue and page number when searching Cited References
  • Can now search by Author’s full name from 2007 on.  (Prior to 2007 entries are still indexed only by the Author’s last name and first initial.)
Results Changes
  • All results are now returned (no longer a 100,000 limit) and can be analyzed and exported to Excel
  • Can see abstract on main search result screen
  • Results now sorted by Publication Date instead of date entered into WoS
  • 5,000 items can now be kept in Marked List (used to be 500)
  • Analysis and Citation Reports can be done on Marked Lists
  • Citation Counts now include the numbers from Biosis Citation Index and Chinese Science Citation Database for a more complete picture of total references.
For more information please see:  http://thenewwok.com/

Just in case you need it!

There are a number of guests staying at Baumhart this summer and have key cards that will allow access to the buildings. The arrangements have been made through Conference Services and they have an office in Baumhart on the 3rd floor. However, I learned that some may have forgotten their user name and passwords for computer access. If you need to call, the number is 5-6067 (main desk).