January 2012

We have had the index Criminal Justice Periodical Index for many years, but the faculty felt that Criminal Justice Abstracts would fit their needs better, so you will see a change in the databases listing from CJPI to CJA.  All the subject guides have been switched from one to the other.  The database list will contain both for a short period of time while we use up the end of our subscription to CJPI, then it will disappear from there.

There is considerable overlap between the 2 databases, but CJA indexes more (and especially more international) journals and contains more full-text journals. If any researchers are looking for CJPI, have then try CJA, I am sure they will be pleased.  Let me know if you have any questions.


In case anyone comes looking for the resources for Prof. Gramata’s class (Mark 363), they can be found here: