There are currently 4 classes which I know of who are looking for Chicago Community Resources and Chicago Gang Resources: One in Sociology, 2 in Criminal Justice and one in Social Work.

For Criminal Justice, one class is doing research on a particular gang and has to find out community demographics for their territories as well. Another CJ class, each student is given two communities (one high crime, one low crime) and has to hypothesize what are neighborhood factors which might account for the difference (gangs being one). I do not know the Sociology assignment. Lastly, the Social Work assignment has the students looking at demographic, economic and immigrant elements in a community to determine services necessary for the community.

There are guides that will be of use to these classes: (the page for Chicago Gangs information)

The First 3 research guides are listed under Criminal Justice and Criminology and the Communities and Social Work Stats are listed under Social Work. (yes, the Communities one is listed under both). If you find any resources not on these guides (or that you think are not on these guides) please let me know and I will be glad to add them.

Thanks – Susan