According to Ursula (via Bonnie):

>>> Ursula Scholz 8/31/2011 4:33 PM >>>

As you all probably know, the card readers on the new machines have not been working right. As of now the most egregious problems have been resolved, so I recommend that you remove the “out of order” signs. Here is the current situation:

1) the patron must have at least $1 on their card or it will say “denied, insufficient funds”
2) the patron will only be able to make 6 b&w copies before the card reader times out and then they will need to swipe again. Each time they swipe they need to have at least $1.

It’s too long and complicated to explain the reason it’s working this way, but IT and the card office are continuing to work on a better/more permanent solution. I will keep you posted.


Note: for the copiers at WTC it might not be completely ready until late tonight; as of now they will reject any card with less than $10 on it.

The printer has been fixed – the rollers on trays 2 and 3 were replaced.  Let me know if you have problems with it.


Reminder: Please use the pre-printed out-of-order signs that are kept at the Circulation desk or at the Reference desk for machines that are out of order. These signs have space to write in what is wrong with the equipment and a note regarding service calls. Please fill out the form as completely as possible. Please do NOT type up out-of-order signs.

Thank you!