Alumni, guests visiting from other institutions, and community patrons are now asked to bring their state I.D. to leave with the IC 1st floor desk. Everyone is required to bring a state I.D. with them when they come into the library if they are not a student. If there are any questions, please check in with the 1st floor IC.
Thank You,

Here is a bit more about each room:
If you reserve one of these rooms, you can ask the student at the Information Desk on Level 3 to let you in and identify yourself as a Library Employee.
Please keep in mind that this is a quiet floor and voices do carry, so if you need to have a meeting of a confidential nature, then I don’t recommend these rooms. You can hear people talking if you are in the next room, at the chairs or computers near the rooms.
– for how many people? Each of the rooms will accommodate small groups of approximately 8-10 people.
– what’s available in/from the room?
In Room 314 and 315 are computers with monitors on the wall. 316 has a table. There are outlets if you need to plug in additional hardware.