Patrons can only download the program, Solero, necessary to see and print sheet


music scores from Naxos Sheet Music Library on the PC’s.


When a student downloads Solero it will ask them for an administrator username


and password. When a student is on a PC their normal Loyola username and


password will work as the administrative […]


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Please make sure when helping students use the scanner that the documents are deleted from the desktop when it is finished, and that no original is left behind on the flatbed. There have been some documents scanned lately that include sensitive personal information, and we want to make sure that it is not being kept on our computer.

Faculty may be looking for new films to add to their classes in these next couple of weeks. 

The Library holds many items in our Pegasus catalog, put in a keyword and narrow thw search in audiovisual.

Also, we have a number of films for streaming in packages – see

If the faculty want to see other films which we can get for streaming to their classes, here are some companies we deal with 

The film needs to be requested through AV (8-2666)  or and faculty must have in mind when they want to show it in class.

Requests for Library-owned materials should be made to:



Just a Reminder!

Carthage students are Loyola students, taking classes at Carthage College in Kenosha WI. There are two programs there: Business and Social Work. You will propably never hear from the Business students, but the Social Work students are fairly active.

Carthage students SHOULD request books (at or not Loyola) via the ILL system AT Carthage. They will get them much faster.

For articles, Carthage students CAN request them from either ILL department (however I suspect Loyola would be faster). They should use ILLiad to do that.

There is a guide in the Social Work ( Guides about how Carthage students can get materials and a link to the Carthage library and program.

Carthage students should have a LU computer id and password as they use LOCUS and Blackboard.

If you have other questions, let me know.


Currently, the Health Sciences Library website is down. IT is aware of the problem and hopes to have it resolved by the afternoon. Patrons may be able to access databases like CINHAL, if they have access to our proxy. We will do our best to help them find what they need until the H.S. website is up.

A scanner has been attached to the lower Reference Desk PC for patrons to use. They can still use the scanner in the Digital Media Lab that is attached to a Mac.

Scanned files will be saved to D:\Userdata\MyScans unless the drive is changed before saving. Files can be saved to a flash drive, or any drive selected by the user.

Please let me know if you’d like a tutorial on how to use it.

Our orders for the following ebook for Reference have gone through. The records should be available in Pegasus soon.
Green Business
Green Cities
Green Consumerism
Green Food
Encyclopedia of Africa –
Encyclopedia of African Religion
Encyclopedia of Case Study Research
Encyclopedia of Death and the Human Experience
Encyclopedia of Identity
Encyclopedia of Journalism
Encyclopedia of Perception
Encyclopedia of Research Design
Encyclopedia of Survey Research Methods
Oxford Companion to the Book –
Oxford Encyclopedia of African Thought –
Oxford International Encyclopedia of Legal History –
SAGE Encyclopedia of Interpersonal Violence
SAGE Encyclopedia of Qualitative Research Methods

The Published International Literature on Traumatic Stress (PILOTS) database includes citations to all literature on post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and other mental-health conditions with current and retrospective coverage.

The ID scanner on the printer around the corner from the reference desk has been replaced. Yeah! Yolande tried it and says it is MUCH better.

The long-awaited (ok, maybe I am the only one wanting it) Criminal Justice Statistics Guide is now available in the Subject Guides. It is under Criminal Justice and attached to the general Criminal Justice Guide. If you want to go to it directly or link to it, use the url

If you would like sources in other CJ categories or specific resources added, please let me know.


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