Currently the LUHS (LUMC) websites are down, this includes the library.  They do not know when they will be back up yet.


Just a warning, Krsitina reports that students must be currently enrolled, not like they can check out books during the summer if they were enrolled in the Spring). So – be sure to warn anyone you send there.

Do you have students looking for a particular software?  A list of the software offered to students and it’s locations is available at:



According to Ursula (via Bonnie):

>>> Ursula Scholz 8/31/2011 4:33 PM >>>

As you all probably know, the card readers on the new machines have not been working right. As of now the most egregious problems have been resolved, so I recommend that you remove the “out of order” signs. Here is the current situation:

1) the patron must have at least $1 on their card or it will say “denied, insufficient funds”
2) the patron will only be able to make 6 b&w copies before the card reader times out and then they will need to swipe again. Each time they swipe they need to have at least $1.

It’s too long and complicated to explain the reason it’s working this way, but IT and the card office are continuing to work on a better/more permanent solution. I will keep you posted.


Note: for the copiers at WTC it might not be completely ready until late tonight; as of now they will reject any card with less than $10 on it.

Please make sure when helping students use the scanner that the documents are deleted from the desktop when it is finished, and that no original is left behind on the flatbed. There have been some documents scanned lately that include sensitive personal information, and we want to make sure that it is not being kept on our computer.

Faculty may be looking for new films to add to their classes in these next couple of weeks. 

The Library holds many items in our Pegasus catalog, put in a keyword and narrow thw search in audiovisual.

Also, we have a number of films for streaming in packages – see

If the faculty want to see other films which we can get for streaming to their classes, here are some companies we deal with 

The film needs to be requested through AV (8-2666)  or and faculty must have in mind when they want to show it in class.

Requests for Library-owned materials should be made to:



Three notes about re-imaging:

1. Context will no longer be needed for logging in.
2. Patrons will not see all the application boxes popping up while computer is logging in, this may lead them to feel system is slow, but login time should be about the same as before and will continue to improve over time.
3. Applications formerly found in Loyola Software will now be accessed on Program menu.

A scanner has been attached to the lower Reference Desk PC for patrons to use. They can still use the scanner in the Digital Media Lab that is attached to a Mac.

Scanned files will be saved to D:\Userdata\MyScans unless the drive is changed before saving. Files can be saved to a flash drive, or any drive selected by the user.

Please let me know if you’d like a tutorial on how to use it.

Two students tried to add money to their RamblerBucks accounts using the online site. Both encountered errors (like “server unavailable”) after adding their credit card info. I called the Card Office at LSC and left a message so they would be aware of it.

The swipe card reader in front of the Reference Desk is not working. It says no bank has been assigned. 6th floor, 25 E Pearson (CLC), wtc. On the 6th floor.
It has been reported to IT. I will add the call # when I get it.

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