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#ExploreTheFloors: Cudahy Second Floor

Don’t get stuck on the first floor of Cudahy Library! If you venture up any of the stairwells or elevators, you’ll find more books, study space, and special collections. University Archives & Special Collections The University Archives serves as the institutional memory of Loyola University Chicago. Special Collections includes archival collections relating to Samuel...
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#ExploreTheFloors: Cudahy Lower Level

Cudahy Lower Level includes quiet study area, bound periodicals, and the mezzanine study area. Bound periodicals cannot be checked out, but you can use them in the library and make copies as needed. Use elevators or stairs to access the lower level. Check back as we continue to #ExploreTheFloors in Cudahy Library!
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#ExploreTheFloors: Cudahy First Floor

Whether you’re a Cudahy Library regular or planning to visit for the first time, the library’s first floor has a lot to offer! Here are some of the highlights: Donovan Reading Room Unofficial name: the Harry Potter Room. If you want a quiet study space with beautiful surroundings, this is the place for you!...
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#ExploreTheFloors: Accessing Other Floors

You enter Cudahy on the 1st floor, and can use stairwells and elevators to access the lower level, 2nd floor, 3rd floor, and the stack decks. In the diagram of the 1st floor below, the orange arrows point to stairwells and the red arrows point to elevators. As we continue to #ExploreTheFloors, stay tuned...
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#ExploreTheFloors: Study Areas

Cudahy Study Areas The Information Commons isn’t the only study space along the lake! Venture past the Connections Café to enter Cudahy Library and the many different study spaces we have to offer. First, let’s look at QUIET STUDY AREAS: The Donovan Reading Room is on the first floor of the library and offers...
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#ExploreTheFloors: Call Numbers, Locations, and Circulation

How to Navigate the Stacks: Call Numbers, Locations, and Circulation This week we will take a closer look at call numbers, book locations, and how to check out a book at the circulation desk! Cudahy Library uses the Library of Congress system, which means materials are assigned a call number and arranged alphabetically. A...
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