For patrons who can’t access the proxy, please check the following things first:

Check the patron account in PAM. If the account shows a red light, have the patron call the help desk immediately. If the patron account shows a green light, continue reading.

If the patron is logging in using incorrect information, 5 invalid passwords means the proxy system will block that patron for 15 minutes.

Another way the proxy identifies and blocks patrons, would be if the patron makes 10 or more invalid attempts to login from their IP address (at home or the office); the system will block them out for 30 minutes. As long as different attempts are coming from that same IP address (albeit incorrect), the proxy will block the patron. Any further attempts on the users part will reset that timer.

Your best option is to tell the patron to wait for 30 minutes, then they should be able to login.

In emergency situations, when patrons are insistent on not waiting 30 minutes; you do have the option of calling Gino (8-7731) and asking him to reset the patrons account.

Any other questions, please call Sherri at 8-8409. Thanks!