September 2007

Today we learned that it’s possible to print on both sides from the printers in the reference area. Here’s how:
1. In the print set-up stage, users should set the document to print front and back.

2. Users print out the front pages, then open the manual feed tray (tray 1) and put in the stack of papers with the printed side down, then hit the okay button on the printer.

The cost does not change if users choose the double-sided option.

A Big Thanks to Eileen for helping a patron today with the microfilm reader/printers.  One of odd things she discovered is that there is some sort of master power switch (a yellow button) under the older microfilm/reader printer on the lower level.  This switch controls the power to both machines that are down there.  So, if you are trying to help someone and there is no power, look for the yellow button.