November 2007

We have had several complaints about the print-outs not being clear on the new microfilm reader machines downstairs (stack deck A). I tested both machines out a bit, and was also given some tips by the copier representative (who just happened to be checking another machine today). Some things that aren’t readily apparent on these new machines are the following:

  • you can not rotate the viewpoint of the document- (just the older machines had this function).
  • you have a selection button for printing negative or positive documents (white type on black background, or black type on a white background)
  • the lid should be closed over the screen before you hit the print button.
  • the brightness adjuster seems to print out better copies (on either postive or negative documents) in the center or near the center only.

Ursula is ordering a new toner cartridge for the printer on the left, so please direct patrons to use the machine on the right, for now. If any one has other issues or questions regarding these new machines, please let me know. Thanks! Sherri

Hi everyone:

Just wanted to let you know that you do NOT need to staple the statistics sheets together at the end of the night.

Thanks, Megan