February 2008

We are returning to the research consultation model that we experimented with towards the end of last semester. The evening librarian (Sun – Thurs 6-9) will work primarily out of the Information Commons Consultation Office, Room 228 in the Information Commons. Please refer students (in Cudahy and the IC) who need to find multiple sources for research papers or difficult to find materials to the office during those times.  Note that the phone number for Room 228 is on our contact list under IC Consultation Office (8=8388).  Librarians will come out to the desk if it appears too busy or if you need a break!

FYI for new graduate assistants. We experimented with this model late last Fall and it was popular with students because the consultation office allows for private, uninterrupted, more in-depth research assistance than we can generally provide at the desk. Also, they can sit down while being helped. Please help promote the service to students.

Please remember to fill in the Library/Desk ____ part of the form with the specific location, either IC Level 2 or Cudahy Library. The same statistics sheets are now used at Lewis and on IC Levels 1 + 3, so we will need to be able to determine where each sheet comes from.


I talked to Leslie about who is responsible for Group Study Rooms. Both IT and Reference are equally responsible and should help people when they come up to the desk. Leslie will ask Alison t reinforce this with IT staff. The confusion is probably in part due to the fact that there is one set of keys and we have them. We are requesting a 2nd Group Study Room key to be kept by the IT staff.

Hi all:

I have gotten a few requests for headphones. Is there anywhere in the IC where students can check them out or do they need to go to the library?



[Answer: Digital media Lab, 2nd floor] 

The password for the refdesk-cud login has been changed to “commons2008” (without the quotation marks). The old password (cudahy2008) needed to be changed due to the 180 day expiration. Brenda will update the password lists in both binders.

I talked to Leslie about our keys. She is going to request an extra Group Study room key for the IT staff. We have four keys:

1. Group Study Room Key (the one Megan marked with the white-out) — JA 8
2. Writing Center Key (in case they forget their key) — Key JA 11
3. Classroom Key — Key JA 1

Still trying to figure out what Key JA 12 opens. If someone has time to figure out which key is which and mark them in some way, please edit this note!



This is from Nick and Alison (the IT staff managers). Please read carefully!

Whenever a lost&found item comes in, IT staff will see if they can find a name on the item (in a notebook, ID, in a file in a flash drive, etc.), we look the owner’s name in the Student and Faculty/Staff directories to find an email address. We then fill out an online form in our Blackboard course that automatically generates an email to the owner. If we can’t find an email address, we do at least log it in a spreadsheet to show we found it. The Campus Safety officer who closes daily will take the lost&found from the back cabinet with them to Campus Safety in Granada Center for the campus’ lost&found. Since we hold on to digital media (CDs, flash drives, diskettes, etc) for the semester, we will be storing those separately in our cabinet on the service desk. If they are not claimed after a semester, then we take them, format them and use them in a case-by-case/emergency situation in giving out to students, etc. I’ve updated the auto-generated email to state if it’s digital media it’s held in the IC only, if it’s anything else the message states it will be held for that day then moved to Campus Safety.

So if your staff finds/is given any lost&found items, just have them pass it over to one of the advisors on the 2nd floor. We will go through our process of finding and contacting the owner. If anyone comes by and asks if any items were found (whether they are emailed by us or not), direct them to my staff. We’ll physically check the cabinets and check our spreadsheet to see if it ever came through to us.

Per Tabitha’s question below:

Yes, There is one in Ross’ office and I have one as well.  We are getting one more to keep out at the 2nd floor desk.


hi there.

several times today i have been asked by students if we have a first aid kit here at the reference desk or in the IC. i was wondering if there are any in the building (if so, where can we find it?) or if there is a possibility of putting one in the desk drawer?


Mary has provided us with floor maps of the IC that label each of the Group Study rooms. These maps are at the front of the blue binder.

I talked to Alison Stillwell about ResNet referrals.  We can refer directly to the ResNet office now, rather than asking them to check-in with the IT staff at the far end of the desk.    If very busy, IC may put up a sign asking folks to check-in at the the central desk.  We should try to keep our eyes open for this and check with the IT staff about how to refer during busy times.

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