March 2008

I notice we omit the days of the week on the IC reference desk headcount sheets. Would it make a little difference if we also write the day of the week in the section for the date (e.g., Sunday, March 29, 2008 or Sunday, 3/29/08)?

The stat sheets have those days but the headcount sheets do not. Maybe we could make a new master copy with the days of the week as we see on the stat sheet.



Alison has set up three Group Study reservation stations. IT staff will take care of setting these up each day.

1st floor, South kiosks, end station, Unit No: L102-064
UVID: gsreserve1
Password: groupstudy100

3rd floor, Kiosk, end unit across from the service desk, Unit No: L301-057
UVID: gsreserve3
Password: groupstudy300

2nd floor: ANY Dell laptop (as long as there is a spare to use). Note – if all the laptops are checked out, we would need to take this unit from the counter for checkout purposes.
UVID: gsreserve2
Password: groupstudy200

Hello, ladies and gentlemen:

I hope the sunshine outdoors is providing us with some compensation for the fact that it is still chilly in Chicago, even as we creep into the “cruellest month” of all: let us hope that the lilacs wouldn’t need thawing.

Enough of my literary nerdiness: I write to ask if there is a new newspaper policy at the reference desk. For several weeks now I have noticed that newspapers are stashed at the desk, and not just the ones of the present day. Until last semester, we kept only current newspapers at the desk, the others being stashed away in the back. Typically, the staff person closing the desk at night took on the responsibility of taking back the newspapers, unless, of course, she was busy helping patrons until after 10:00pm; in which case, the staff member opening the desk on the following morning took care of the previous day’s newspapers. (On Mondays, the previous weekend’s newspapers were held at the desk until the end of the day for patrons who were interested in a speedy catch-up).

I do not know if the policy on this has changed; perhaps it doesn’t even matter. But I have been stashing away the newspapers (at noon today I took back three days’ worth of news!) on a daily basis; if I no longer need to do this, please let me know, so I will not cause any confusion.

See you, wonderful people. I will continue with my optimism regarding the spring and hope for sunshine and warmth … the lilacs will follow.



The photocopier on the north side of the IC 2nd floor continues to jam even after the jammed paper has been removed.  It has happened repeatedly.  Therefore, we contacted Ross and he is phoning the service provider.  Ross said this service person will come on Friday, March 28.

 The service person came and the photocopier is working well now, Monday, March 31.

If you have not already noticed, Leslie was able to change the borrowing period for the white board markers and erasers to 6 hours.

Dear friends:

I hope you are well and looking forward to the abbreviated week (I find myself liking the month of March more and more!). I am writing tonight with more troubles, unfortunately. Several students have informed me that they aren’t able to complete the online group study reservation form. Apparently, they type in their universal ID and password when prompted to do so, but receive a mysterious “Anonymous User” message, which prevents them from completing their reservation. One student asked the ResNet wizards for advice, but was redirected to me (!!!). I asked the IT staff person sitting beside me if she had any ideas about the problem, but she too was not familiar with the goings-on. To resolve the matter that was immediately at hand, I signed on the group through my universal ID. When another patron came up to me with similar trouble to report, I couldn’t do anything to help him; I can only sign up for one room in a day. Please advice me on this matter; I might be out of the loop and there may just be a simple solution to the problem. alternately, this could be yet another glitch in the group study reservation system, one that will need to be addressed fairly quickly.

Stay happy, my friends, and enjoy the week ahead.



Thanks Tripthi. There are a couple of things we need to know.

1. Students can only have group study rooms reserved with their login for 2 hours a day. (I had thought this was 2 hours at a time.)

2. Some students (should be very few) are not able to login at all. Adam and Leslie are working on a way for you to help these students without using our own ID and password (which has the 2 hour limit per day).

IT has put a laptop out on the IC Level 2 Desk for students to use when they want to make on-the-spot reservations.

Update — this was out on Friday, but not Saturday.

FYI from Diane:

The Library Assessment Committee is doing a survey for the Web Team on the new library website.

We will be putting up signs on the computers and around the library like we did last year for the full-fledged library survey.

Just wanted to let you know ahead of time.




This evening we received an adjustment to the news about the 8-RIDE service. The transport vehicle for the service will pick up riders in front of Cudahy Library, not the IC. Safety regulations prohibit vans from being parked in the area adjacent to the IC. Please pass this note on to anyone you know who might be using the service.



Just a quick reminder. We are responsible for the photocopiers in the IC (Circ will still manage photocopy issues in Cudahy). The photocopier paper is in the cabinet behind our chairs on the lowest shelf. You cannot use any other paper in the photocopiers.



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