April 2008

The VTS machine at the Cudahy Library is now in working order.

The VTS machine at the Cudahy Library is currently out of order.  The campus card office is aware of the situation and is working to resolve the matter. I’ll update you on any changes.

FYI: Here is a list of all of the VTS machines on this campus.

  • Centennial Forum Student Union, Lakeshore Campus
  • Damen Hall – 1st floor, Lakeshore Campus
  • Simpson Living Learning Center, Lakeshore Campus
  • Cudahy Library, Lakeshore Campus
  • Sullivan Center for Student Services, Lakeshore Campus

We have had a recent spate of overdue notices on laptop batteries. Please remember to discharge both the laptop and the laptop battery when laptops are returned. You should see a discharge line for both items in Voyager if done properly. If you have any questions about this please ask!

For the remainder of finals, please discharge laptops from students, but do not put them away in the cabinets.  Just put them on top of the laptop cabinets and IT will check to see that they are discharged correctly before returning to the rotation.

Evening librarians — please review this issue with undergraduates working on week nights.



From Alison:

In case you are wondering why the laptops are upside down in the am…. its because by late afternoon the demand is SO great that we cannot keep up. Every laptop has been checked out and we are even using the pagers for people who want to be notified when one is returned.

We have had every battery port on the charger in use and batteries waiting to be charged.
By placing them back in the cabinet upside down, Jared and the advisors can easily pull out a laptop on the shelf and push the button on the battery to check how charged the battery is. Tonight, I had to personally press the button on 5 laptops before I found one fully charged because we had no charged batteries from the charging unit.


Another lap top was stolen last evening. Please encourage students not to leave their belongings unwatched! Fred and Ursula have provided us with small slips of paper to place on unguarded materials as a reminder to students not to leave things unattended.



This may already be old news to everyone but me, but students may now print from a laptop to any PrintWise printer.  The solution is called OnePrint (http://www.luc.edu/its/printwise_oneprint.shtml).  It requires a simple one time software download of the OnePrint installer. Once the software is installed, a student may use the file/print menu, select OnePrint, and the standard PrintWise menu appears.  The document can then be retrieved from any PrintWise printer on campus.  The software is already installed on the laptops which may be checked out from the IC 2nd floor desk.

This eliminates the need for a student on a laptop to email the document to herself, and to then login to a library computer to print the document on the PrintWise printer. This had always been a frustration for students at Cudahy in the past.

Leslie left some slips at the 2nd floor reference desk to be distributed when our patrons leave their items unattended.  These slips remind them that their possessions could have been stolen.  Please leave one where you see that someone has left their belongings unattended.

Please check the Cudahyrefgrads and IC calendars for the Summer schedule.  The IC is being scheduled from 6:00 – 10:00, Monday – Thursday by graduate assistants, otherwise it is being staffed by undergraduate workers.  Please let me know of any changes that should be made.

Don’t forget to do the head counts every two hours!  Megan just did the 4:00 p.m. head count and it looks like no one else has done one yet today.



Thought you might like to see Bob’s note about recent complaints regarding the decision to only keep IC open 24/7 during finals this year.

To all students who have written regarding final exams and the Library:

Thank you all for your emails and messages of concern.  As you read my response to Amanda Wojciechowski, I will not repeat the reasons why we are opening the IC 24 hours and not Cudahy.  I can assure you, however, that a great deal of thought went into setting the hours and deciding which building to open.  We may do something differently in the future, though for now we are going to follow the advertised schedule.   While we attempt to meet our student needs to the extent possible, it is sometimes simply not possible to meet every person’s wishes.

Allow me clear up some misconceptions.  First, the third floor of the IC will be open all night during finals.  Why would we close off the floor with the most computers and additional study space?  Second, while cost is a factor, a greater factor is finding people to work all night.  We are very fortunate to have a number of dedicated Library and IC staff who are willing to give up a good night’s sleep for our students.  But we don’t have enough staff to keep all facilities open 24/7.

We, too, are concerned about the noise factor.  Therefore, our staff working overnight will be asking students to work quietly.  But we need your help, too.  You are perfectly justified to ask your fellow students to be quiet if they are too noisy.  If they won’t cooperate, please find a staff member to help.

I do sincerely appreciate your feedback and we will take your comments seriously as we plan for the fall semester.

Bob Seal, Dean of Libraries

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