May 2008

IT is moving some servers on Saturday June 7th.  The proxy server will be unavailable beginning at 5:00 a.m. and should be restored no later than 5:00 p.m. the same day.

I should move back into the reference office tomorrow, meanwhile if you’d like to contact me today, my phone number is the same as the Reference & Research Assistance room, which is: x82677.


Hello, my dear friends:

I hope you are all well and enjoying your afternoon. I am writing to report that, as of this morning, both the reference desk computers are missing their USB plug-in extension cords. I only realized this a short while ago when a student asked me to save an essay that we found to her USB. I’ve looked around the desktops (many a time I’ve found it lying around the footrest, but not today), in the shelves, and the usual places where things might be. I wonder if they have been removed by one of us; or is it, sadly enough, another theft?

Okay, ladies and gentlemen: I’m going to run along for now; but not without wishing you a pleasant day ahead.



Since Megan asked for phone numbers in the IC when the person on duty in Cudahy needs them, here they are:

Service Desks in IC

Level 2 Consultation Office 8-8388

Level 2- Reference 8-8364

Level 2- Reference 8-8365

Level 2- Information Technology 8-8366

Level 2- Information Technology 8-8367

The hallway to the IC will be closed this week, but you can still get to the IC if you go through the Reference Office. If you refer a patron to the IC, please offer the walk the patron through the Reference Office if they don’t want to go outside. Please be careful to make sure that the patron does not linger in the office, but just goes straight through to the IC. NEVERMIND: They just closed off access to the IC from the Reference Office, so patrons will have to go outside to get to the IC.

The phone number in the IC Consultation office is 8-8388. For the graduate students working the desk in Cudahy, you can call this number to speak to the reference librarian on duty, or to forward a call.

I have given Ursula our Ref Office key for the weekend because a worker will need to access the office on Saturday. If you need it, please talk to circulation. They are keeping the key in the cash box.



Hi all:

Does anyone know what the phone number is for the IT side of the desk on the 2nd floor of the IC?  Also, since calls are automatically transferred to Cudahy, is it possible to call the Reference side of the desk on the 2nd floor of the IC?  If so,what is that number.  I received a call at Cudahy that needed to be transferred over there and I wasn’t sure how to do it.



I’d like to alert you to this renovation-related closing of the Cudahy-IC connection next week:

The Cudahy Lake Lounge will be closed Tuesday through Friday, 05/27-05/30,  for painting on Tuesday and Wednesday and for carpeting on Thursday and Friday.

I know this is an inconvenience for library employees and for library users, and I am sorry for that.  I did request that the lounge be opened for the late afternoon and evening hours but this is not practical for the paint project.  If the carpet workers are able to open at the end of their work day on Thursday, I will let you know.

We’ll post signs and if you have any ideas of other steps we can take to reduce the irritation this closing might cause, please let me know.  I will not be in the building Tuesday morning, so would be especially happy to hear from you today, Friday, if you do have a suggestion.

If I learn any more detail, I will let pass it on to you.

Lewis people, I am copying you in case you will be visiting up here next week.


An interlibrary loan book was returned to the reference desk and apparently sat there for 3 weeks until the patron came and asked why it had not been returned to ILL.  See Beth’s message below.  I’m sure that you all know this, but we should not be holding any books at the reference desk.  I don’t know if this particular book was mixed up with your personal books in the cabinet or somewhere else, but it is another reason to keep the number of titles you are holding for yourself to a minimum.



Hi Jeannette,

Somehow, an ILL book ended up being held at the reference desk for about 3 weeks.  This patron claimed she had a friend return the book, which I couldn’t find anywhere; the friend then came back to Cudahy, went to the reference desk, got the book, and returned the book to ILL.  I’ve never seen this happen before, but if your students happen to notice a banded ILL book at the reference desk, maybe they can give back to me ASAP.


Beth Andrews

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