June 2008

Hello all,

I thought I would let you know that there is a group of high school students visiting us on campus. They are part of the Pre-Collegiate Summer Scholars Program and they will be here until July 19th. You might see them utilizing the library and they may be asking for help. They have generic Loyola ID’s without pictures. If you would like further information it is in the front of the Cudahy Reference Desk folder.


Hello.  Just FYI, I installed Firefox 3 on the PC in the IC office.  All the bookmarks have been retained, and, if you like, you can learn about the program’s new features here.


Please refer patrons to the circulation desk if there is any question about submitting their items.  We cannot process the request without a barcode, and we do not call patrons when their items become available.

FYI.  The only computers that are left to be cleaned are the ones right outside of room 150.  The gray colored carrels.  Fallon did an excellent job of cleaning all of the computers in room 150 in addition to others.  It seems that Justin, Megan (made it an Olympic event), and Fallon REALLY cleaned all the ones in the wood carrels because they “bumped heads” and each cleaned the same ones over…I apologize for that.  Good job.  We should finish up this afternoon with Eric’s cleaning skills.

Many thanks to you all.

There is now a key to the new Map Room, 032 (a.k.a. Mark Rockwell’s old office), at the Cudahy Reference Desk.

Bill also has a copy of the key should that one go missing.

As you know, we are required by law to provide the public access to the federal depository materials in our care. The majority of our map collection falls in this category. feel free to direct any questions about the map room, or the Gov Docs collection at large, to Bill.

FYI from Sherri:

America: History & Life and Historical Abstracts are both switching over to EBSCOhost (formerly they were ABC-CLIO products) by the end of June.

And as part of the merger of Blackwell Publishing with John Wiley and Sons, all Blackwell Synergy Journals will be moved to a single online platform, Wiley Interscience. So after June 30th, Blackwell Synergy will no longer be available.

  • On June 28th and June 29th, 2008 there will be a period when both Blackwell Synergy and Wiley InterScience will be unavailable to all users while they transition and re-index data.
  • Usage statistics for Blackwell journals will be unavailable between June 27th and Sept. 2008, while they are transferring the data to Wiley Interscience.

If you have any further questions, please do let me know. I will also put the Blackwell link below, if you want more details. Thanks!


Hello all,

I noticed today that two of  the computers in front of the Cudahy Reference Desk had signs on them indicating they are out of order. Other than the signs attached to the computers there is no other documentation indicating that they are not working. I tested both of them and only one of them actually did not work. The million dollar question is was the help desk notified on either one of them? Unfortunately, unless we document when we call the help desk there is no way to figure this out. I phoned the help desk to see if they had a report on the computers and they told me they needed a tracking ticket number in order to give me an answer. See the problem? Well anyway, I am writing to suggest that whenever a computer is down it be called into the help desk and the ticket number logged so that it can be tracked and fixed expeditiously. The current ticket number for the computer with the serial #078683 is #53298.



The librarians and most of the library staff are at an all day library retreat today, June 18th.

University Archives -CLOSED-Monday, June 16th

June 13th, 2008 by LOCL Archives

The Loyola University Archives will be closed on Monday, June 16th. We will be resume regular hours (8:00 am – noon, 1:00 pm – 4:30) on Tuesday, June 17th. We apologize for the inconvenience.

Hi —

Some of you may have noticed that I worked with Justin to experiment with trying to organize the ready reference collection at the Cudahy Desk by type of resource, rather than call number.  Please take a look at the collection when you have a few minutes and let me know if you think this is a viable option.  (We can move it back to call number order if that is preferred.)  Look closely at the sections of most interest to your areas.  Are there other things that should be included.  Is there anything there that does not need to be on Ready Reference.

To make this categorized organization work, we would need to label each group.  Can anyone think of any nice way to make the labels?

All pro/con input welcome.


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