August 2008

At least for now today’s issue of the Chicago Tribune, The Chicago Sun Times, the New York Times, and the Wall Street Journal are being added to the newspaper collection in the reference area.

In case you have not seen this elsewhere:

Beloit College Mindset List

Telecom informs me that the “bug” problem has been resolved.  However, please do keep me informed about any complaints or messages that you receive in the next few weeks about off campus access.   I want to keep on top of this, so we are sure it has been resolved.  Thanks.  ( or 8-8409)

If anyone inquires about the Writing Center, it opens on September 8th.

Please remember that although KRONOS asks for timecards to be submitted by Friday pm or Monday am, my attention will be given to the authorization process on Friday mornings.  Please submit your time by Friday morning so that all can be approved at once.  If you work on the weekend, please estimate your time and if there is a slight error, we can adjust (plus or minus) in the next pay period.

G.A.’s, please check photocopiers at the beginning of your shift to see if they need paper refills.  Also, please make this part of the closing procedure.

Thank you.

All of the graduate assistants are welcome to join the Reference Department for a lunch in honor of Bill and Sherri.  This event will take place at Carmen’s Pizza on Sheridan Road on Thursday, August 28th, from 12:00 noon until approximately 1:30.   I believe that there is a lunch buffet featuring lots of good grub at a reasonable price.  No need to RSVP, just show up for a good time.

You will notice that a few changes have been made to the IC group study reservations page. The difference is mostly cosmetic – it’s easier to see which rooms are available now – but make sure that you take a look at it.

There are also a few new-ish policies regarding the reservation system:

  • Students must bring in a prinout of their confirmation e-mails when they get let into a room. This will save us time because we won’t have to look up their reservation to try and figure out which room the student has reserved. If a student does not bring in the e-mail printout, the student can log into the system to show you the reservation, but we should all strongly encourage the student to remember the printout next time.
  • We will only open rooms for the person who made the reservation. If the group member who made the reservation does not show up, we must wait 15 minutes for that person to arrive. After 15 minutes, the reservation “expires” and you can let the group into the room.

I imagine that these policies may cause some confusion at first, so please let me know if you have any questions or concerns.

We are trying out a new way of keeping track of statistics at the reference desk. Rather than mark stats in the binder, we will be using an online system called Libstats to keep track of our interactions with patrons. Libstats will be bookmarked on the reference desk computers, and you should be sure to log in at the beginning of your shift (see info below).  For each interaction you have with a patron, choose an option from each of these boxes:

Location, Patron Type, Question Type, Time Spent, and Question Format

For now, you do not need to worry about adding your initials or typing in the question and answer. We may decide to use these features at a later date, but for now we want to get used to this new system.  I will speak to each of you this week to make sure that everything makes sense.

Libstats URL:

username: reference     password: reference

Over the last week or so I have received complaints from patrons that they are not accessing the flagship page at all from off campus.  They are typically seeing a “server not found” message screen instead of the flagship login screen.   The IT department has been notified and they are currently looking into what may be causing the problem.  Unfortunately for now, I have no answers other than to say that the proxy server is having network difficulties.  Gino informs me that this should be fixed soon, but it’s more of a buggy problem that is inconsistently occuring within our network, so it may take a few days to figure it out.  So I ask for your patience and will let you all know once I hear back from IT.   Please forward all the proxy-related phone calls to me.  Thanks! Sherri

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