October 2008

We are tentatively expecting a visit from Rudy Harper on Friday, 10/31/08.  Mr. Harper communicated with Bob Seal, Dean of Libraries, about accessing Congressional documentation of the recent “bailout” package passed in Congress.  We don’t know when Mr. Harper will come in, or whether he will at all.  If he does, below are links to the type of information we think he is seeking. 

All of the information is from THOMAS, the Congressional information website, so Mr. Harper could actually read the information from any computer.  He might appreciate an offer to simply send him an e-mail with the URLs.  If he is interested in the CQ Weekly articles linked at the bottom of this post, he will need to access them here at Loyola.  CQ Weekly is linked on the Databases by Title list.

F.Y.I., Dean Seal thinks Mr. Harper worked in Cudahy Library as a Loyola student so we have something in common!  Dean Seal expressed that Mr. Harper is a friendly fellow.  Good luck!  -Jane

The “bailout” was HR 1424, the Emergency Economic Stabilization Act.  The text of the bill is linked below in two formats:

HR 1424 (PDF) http://frwebgate.access.gpo.gov/cgi-bin/getdoc.cgi?dbname=110_cong_bills&docid=f:h1424enr.txt.pdf

HR 1424 (HTML) http://thomas.loc.gov/cgi-bin/query/z?c110:H.R.1424.enr:

Documentation from the Congressional Record is at:


See also http://www.thomas.gov/cgi-bin/query/z?i110:I03485:i110EXGO.html

Articles in two issues of CQ Weekly appeared especially interesting:

10/13/08 “AIG and Lehman Brothers Executives Testify Before Oversight Committee”

10/6/08 “Financial Rescue Becomes Law”

Alison let me know that she has had some complaints that staff in Cudahy and the IC have checked Voyager to determine if a patron has technology fines or fees (when asked).   Please know that ITS fines/fees will not show up in Voyager because they are removed immediately.  If a student has received a message or has other reasons to be concerned that they may have a fine, please refer them to Alison or Nick.  Thanks.

FYI…   Below is a message to IT staff regarding laptop Fines/Fees with more detailed information about the process.

Laptop Fines/Fees
As was previously mentioned during our Staff Meetings, we are assessing late fees for users who return laptops late. Be aware that you will not find the fine/fee listed in Voyager. The following day, the fine/fee is removed and put into a separate list outside of Voyager as payment is not done through the library, but the Digital Media Lab. As a result, you will never find any outstanding fines/fees for our laptops or the DML equipment in Voyager.

This is the fine/fees process:

  1. The student returns a laptop late. When you discharge it, it will indicate how much the fine is for each item. The following day a notice goes out to them indicating they have a fine and cannot check out any ITS equipment (our laptops and any Digital Media Lab equipment) until their fine is paid.
  2. The fine must be paid in full in the Digital Media Lab with Rambler Bucks via their Loyola ID. If they do not do this first, when you scan their ID in Voyager, a pop-up Note appears stating “Unpaid ITS Fine/Fee – student is unable to checkout laptop or equipment from the DML.” At this point, refer them to the Digital Media Lab to pay off the balance on their account. Until it is paid off, they cannot check out ITS equipment.
  3. Once they pay off the balance, the Digital Media Lab prints a receipt for the student that says at the end “Balance due: $0.00” Once the student shows you this receipt, you can click the “Close” button on the pop-up Note and charge the laptop out to them again.
  4. Only supervisors have access to remove these pop-up Notes, which we do regularly when reviewing the payment received list we have. If there are any issues, ask Adam, Alison, Jared or myself.

I have updated the Laptop Checkout section, putting all the Voyager Circulation manual/information into it’s own page in Blackboard, so both have these details.

As stated in the previous Blackboard announcement, we have updated the Laptop Checkout Policies – if a user has one fine, then they are blocked from checking out any ITS equipment (IC laptops and DML equipment). Again, the fine/fee is pulled out of Voyager so they are not blocked from checking out library books. The user then has 30 days to pay off the fine/fee in the Digital Media Lab with Rambler Bucks, otherwise it is posted to their student account in LOCUS with an additional $25 fine – which can impact their ability to register for classes the following semester.

Improper Laptop Discharges

If ever there’s a case that you charge a laptop out to someone and discover it wasn’t properly discharged for the previous person, notify a supervisor who that student was so we can remove the fine/fee from them as it was erroneous on our part in not getting it properly discharged.


If you have additional questions regarding laptop fines/fees, let me know.


Best regards,

 Nick Liberatore.

If you check out a laptop to a patron, you may notice a message pop up in Voyager that says that the “Student has unpaid ITS fines.” If you see this message, it means that the student has incurred fines for a laptop or for digital media equipment, and that that student is not permitted to check out laptops or media equipment until the fines are paid.  These students can still check out markers, books, etc, just not laptops or media equipment. At this time, very few students have had their laptop privileges revoked, but do keep an eye out for the pop-up message.

1. To access the override system, visit: https://fuji.is-svr.luc.edu/groupstudy-or/ NOTE: You must go to this address to login. You cannot login in the regular reservation system.

2. Select a group study room by clicking the + icon.

3. Enter the user ID and password located at the end of this email.

4. Enter the student’s email address (without @luc.edu).

5. Fill in all of the applicable fields (length of reservation).

6. Click Save.

7. Print the reservation.




User ID: lul-override
Password:ReaDingLUC08 (case sensitive)

To all Klarchek Information Commons Employees:

The following Group Study Rooms are off limits to IC and ITS student employees: 314, 315, 316 and 332. These are reserved exclusively for the use of the Information Technology Services, Information Commons, Loyola University Libraries  and Loyola University full-time staff and supervisors. Use of these rooms by student employees for personal use is prohibited. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask  your supervisor for further clarification.

Leslie M. Haas
Director, Klarchek Information Commons
University Libraries
Loyola University Chicago

“Preparing People to Lead Extraordinary Lives”

  • Almost everyone at the ref desk is aware that students from an organic chem lab have been asked by their professor to find the melting point of pentacosanic acid (correct answer: 84-85 degrees C). 
  • The exact assignment is not clear: most students state that the professor provided the title of three print ref sources (CRC Handbook of Chemistry and Physics; the Merck Index; and The Dictionary of Organic Compounds), and they know only that they’ll find the answer in one of these sources. 
  • The melting point is listed in just one of the three sources: The Dictionary of Organic Compounds – Cud Ref QD246 .D5 1996 vol. 7, p. 4509. 
  • It is easy to find some property data about this compound in several of the freely available property data web sites listed on the chemistry subject guide; these may be search by chemical title. However, the melting point is not listed in most of these databases. The professor clearly chose a compound that would require more than a google search or a quick check in wikipedia.
  •  There are other ways to obtain this information, such as searching SciFinder Scholar. However, most of the students have the understanding that they are required to find the answer in one of the three titles. 
  • Some (but not all) of the students indicate that they are required to photocopy the page from the print source – not all have mentioned this. 
  • The problem, of course, is that this is a large class and the professor did not put this volume on course reserves, so the volume is not on the shelf – maybe by the photocopiers in Cudahy, maybe in the reference reshelving area, etc. 
  • I’ve sent the professor an email about this, but in the meantime if a student is looking for this information, please know that the answer is not available in the CRC or Merck, and if they can’t find the volume of the Dictionary of Organic Compounds on the shelf in Cud Ref, they should look by the copiers or check at the circ desk to see if it’s in the bookdrop.

There is currently a problem with the lighting in Group Study Room 213. Maintenance is going to attend to the problem today. If students reserve the room for group study, please re-route them to another room so that when the maintenance workers arrive they are able to take care of the problem.



I had not realized that we had never imported a full contact list into the Cud-Ref IM account.  You should now be able to easily view who is online in Access Services, the Information Commons, Reference-Cudahy, and Reference-Lewis, plus more!  Please let me know if you have any questions.



Hello all,

Please beware that unless otherwise notified, our work schedule is as usual regardless of any breaks or holidays that are observed by the student body.  Our calendar will reflect the days off that we recognize in our work schedule.