November 2008

For as long as it lasts, you can find chocolate from Denver in the usual place in the reference office.


scifinder logoSciFinder Scholar, the premier chemistry database, is now available on the web.  The web version will now allow users to search SciFinder from off-campus, a wonderful feature not available in the past. Information regarding access to the web version is now found on the subject guide for chemistry (, under the SciFinder Scholar tab.  The direct link to this tab is .  The SciFinder Scholar link on the Databases By Title list now also links directly to this subject guide page. 

Important: Each user will need to complete a one-time registration (this link is on the information page) and create a username/password before using the web version. This student will then use this login name when using SciFinder, whether on campus or off campus.  On the subject guide page, the registration link and  a description of the process is prominently displayed.  Once registered, users should access SciFinder Scholar via the link at the top of the page; this link takes them directly to the SciFinder login screen. 

The web version works with IE, Firefox, and Safari, and includes all the functionality of the desktop client version, with additional enhancements (it remembers the user’s past ten searches; it is easier to combine sets and far easier to analyze results, etc.).  Please encourage students/faculty to register for the web version.  The faculty and students who have heard about this change are very excited about this ability to search from off campus, and also the ability to save searches.  My contact info is also on the subject guide, so please direct questions to me.   I encourage everyone on the reference staff to take a look at the subject guide page, and also to register with SciFinder and look at the new web interface. I think you will also find it easier to do a basic search for research articles.

I’ve spoken with a couple of students today who are working on papers for their Intro to Film class, and we may see a few more of these students in the next few days.  Some students have really broad subjects, like gender and film, and others are much more specific.

My advice is to find a few relevant call numbers in Pegasus and then send the students up to the stacks to browse. The call number range for film is PN 1993-1999, and the primary subject heading is Motion Pictures.

For students that have a broad, commonly written about topic,  Academic Search Premier should be useful for finding journal articles. For those that can’t find enough in ASP, I would help them to search in MLA International Bibliography and JSTOR.

The papers are due next Wednesday, so these students probably don’t have time to get items through ILL. For those that are really desperate, do remind them that they can visit Northwestern.

Hello all,

I will be out of the office after 1:30 today and will return on Monday, December 3rd.  Thank you for completing your timecards early (Kirby, I completed yours) and please know that you will be paid next Wednesday, November 26th.

These are the things that we will discuss upon my return:  The new scheduling model/hours of the reference desk, interim schedule, schedule for Spring semester, the library party (December 16th, 12:00 -2:00). 4th floor of the IC, university holiday party (December 19th)  you are all invited to go, and anything else that you would like to discuss.

If you have questions or concerns, please contact Niamh.

I hope that you all have a great Thanksgiving holiday!


Hello Everyone:

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Over the weekend we had a student wishing to borrow a laptop to take out of the building  overnight.  This is a quick reminder that only laptops from the Digital Media Lab may be removed from the Information Commons/library. Laptops borrowed from the IC service desk may not leave the Information Commons or Cudahy Library buildings.

If a student or staff member is looking to check-out a laptop for overnight use they should contact the Digital Media Lab or make a reservation online at

Hello Everyone,

In an effort to be more efficient, Niamh created a “group study override” category on the reference blog page. If you click on the “category” link it will take you to the original blog posting outlining how to do a group study room reservation override. First however, it will prompt you for a password. This password can now be found on the password page located in the blue binder.

I hope you are all doing very well this semester,


Please be aware that the Libraries will suspend community access beginning Monday, November 17th and lasting through December 16th.  The following groups will be allowed in:

-Reciprocal partners (DePaul, UIC, etc) with their home institution ID card
-Alumni and courtesy patrons with either an alumni card or the manilla colored courtesy card
-Guests of Loyola card-holders (when accompanied by the card holder)
-Guided tours for prospective students
-Uniformed delivery/repair personnel

No green visitor passes will be issued to those who do not fall into one of the above groups.



Please check for phone messages that may be left by our patrons at the IC reference desk.  The green message indicator light will be lit and the password and procedures to get into the message system are listed in the blue binder under “passwords”.  If you have any questions, please ask Niamh or myself.

Thank you

Megan helpfully pointed out that our referral policy is unclear about what to do when patrons are waiting to meet with the reference librarian on duty. Hopefully, these guidelines will help us manage waiting patrons.

What to do when patrons are waiting to see the reference librarian:


Contact reference librarian on duty by IM to let the librarian know that a patron is waiting. The reference librarian should reply to indicate the she is aware of the waiting patron. When another patron is waiting, the reference librarian should attempt to finish up with the current patron in the next 10 minutes, or reach a point in the research that allows the patron to work independently for a time so other patrons can be accommodated.


In the meantime, the graduate student worker should help the patron to the best of her ability. That could involve showing the patron how to search for books in Pegasus or articles in Academic Search Premier, or directing the patron to the relevant Subject Guide.


If the patron is unwilling or unable to wait, please show the patron how to request an RBA, or give the patron the contact information of a subject librarian, if that is appropriate. Also consider asking for the patron’s e-mail address or cell phone number so that a librarian can contact the patron directly.

Information regarding the Cudahy door closing. Please refer back to this if you have questions from patrons about the change.

Beginning January 12, 2008 the Klarchek Information Common doors will reopen and the Cudahy Library doors will be closed, making the Information Commons entrance a single access point for not only the IC, but also for the Library. The Cudahy Library doors (west side of the building) will be closed permanently at that time, except for service deliveries.

During the fall semester the IC doors were closed while the space formerly occupied by the Jesuit Residence was renovated to become a beautiful community green space. Having a single entrance for the IC/Library complex during the fall semester gave us the opportunity to evaluate the benefits and drawbacks of continuing with a single entrance. We have come to the conclusion that it is not only more secure to maintain a single entrance, but also provides opportunities for service efficiency, along with a more aesthetically pleasing main entrance to the University Libraries at the Lake Shore Campus.

Security –
One of the most obvious benefits for the University Libraries in having a single entrance is the opportunity to provide a more secure access point. In addition to the already existing security gates, we are placing a staff member at the door with the primary responsibility of monitoring the gates, assisting guests with access, and helping students and faculty who may require assistance with their IDs. Of equal importance is the fact that a single exit allows for greater security in terms of library materials, laptops, and other equipment.

Services –
While Circulation Services will still be focused primarily at the Cudahy Service Desk, the IC 1st floor Service Desk will provide a quick hub for directional questions, book returns, reservations, and technology assistance. Locating this “all purpose” hub at the IC entrance puts it where it will have the most impact on traffic, and also provide the most opportunity to direct patrons and visitors to their destination.

Traffic –
A significant portion of the daily traffic through the library is directly related to the classes being held in the IC. By locating the primary entrance as close as possible to the classrooms we are minimizing the impact of foot traffic on the Cudahy Library and providing a better research and study environment in the Cudahy Library. The IC entrance is also in a more central location, which will make for easier access from other buildings on campus and the parking structure, while still retaining easy access to the El station and the north side of campus.

While the single entrance may be slightly less convenient for some of our patrons, we are confident that for the reasons stated above it will provide a more secure and service oriented environment.

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