February 2009

Have you noticed the new Reference Collection titles on display above the IC Reference Collection shelving?  We’re displaying high-interest and “pretty” new reference materials there.  In Pegasus, these items will have a corresponding location so that they can be found readily.  Some will become part of the IC Reference Collection; others will be permanently shelved in the Cudahy Library Reference Collection.

We’re going to keep the small number of citation manuals, dictionaries, and the like that are on the table at the north end of the Help Desk in that spot since they are (in theory) consistent on every floor.

A small number of government documents are in the IC Reference Collection (such as Statistical Abstract of the United States).   They will be shelved after the items with “Z” call numbers.

What problems do you foresee?  Please comment here or visit with me.  Your ideas and help are welcome and appreciated!

Some things you should know about what’s going on in the IC during Spring Break:

1. There will be maintenance done on the building, which means that it could get cold again. Please dress warmly!

2. There will be no IC undergrad student workers.

3. We have been asked to do the floor counts every hour, instead of every two hours. This is to give a clear picture of how the IC is used during break, so the hours we stay open can be re-evaluated next year.

4. ResNet will be open noon-4 Monday-Friday during break.

5. The Digital Media Lab will be open 8:30-5:00 during the week, 10-5 on the weekends.

6. The Reference Librarians will be working in the consultation office from 10-5 during the week.

7. There will be no laptop check out beginning Saturday, 2/28 through Sunday, 3/8.

8. Voyager will be down on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday!! This means that there will be no Pegasus, and the circulation desk will be checking materials out manually. More to come on this.

ILLiad is down this afternoon, and will be for much of the rest of the day.  Jen Jacobs, Interlibrary Loan Librarian, asked that we instruct users to enter their ILL requests at a later time.  She will alert us when ILLiad is operating again.  When she does, would you please post a comment to that effect so that all of us hear the news?

All of the Lost & Found items that have accumulatd over the past few months in the 2nd floor IC reference desk cupboard have been sent over to the Campus Security Office on the street level of the Granada Center.  Jamie

The EBSCO databases (including Academic Search Premier) are causing us trouble today.  Some attempts to open the databases (or subsequent searches in them) fail and provide only an error message that seems to indicate we are exceeding our maximum number of users.  You will find that if you try the same link a moment later, it works.  Please be patient and persistent, and ask students to do the same.  We’ve notified EBSCO and hope for a prompt resolution.

Ross has begun an exciting new publication called Today@theIC to help inform all of us about activities and people in the IC.  Please look for it each time you work and READ IT!



Please check the photocopy machines in the morning when the reference desk opens and make sure that they are turned on.  The machines automatically turn off after a period of time and need a “warm up” time before they are operational.

Thank you.

Just want to re-emphasize Tripthi’s message regarding photocopies.  Thanks Tripthi!  Between 8 am and 4 pm, please contact Ross with photocopier issues.  After 4:00 p.m. (or if Ross is unavailable), please contact the Cudahy Circulation Desk.

In addition, Ross would like to be informed of any repeated problems, even if you are able to resolve them yourself, so that he can inform our service providers.  Please send him an e-mail if he is not available by IM.



Hello everyone,

I have received a couple of questions this evening about the spring fling contest. At first I had forgotten the contests details until Stephen reminded me the info was originally posted by Jane. I am reposting it here in order to move it up to the top, just in case anyone else has forgotten and is interested.


Take a look at http://www.luc.edu/ic/Spring_Fling.shtml when you have a moment, please.  It’s about a contest to promote the programs taking place in the IC this semester.  You can take part!  We’d love it if you’d encourage your students to participate in the programs and contest, too.

When a program is presented, whether by a reference librarian or someone else (such as a staff person from the Career Development Center), the presenter will need to have a sign in sheet for attendees.  The sign in sheets are in a filing cabinet at south end of the IC’s first floor desk.  They are bright pink and are in a red file folder.  At the end of their program, the presenter will return the sheet to the same file cabinet.  Please be prepared to remind presenters of the where and what of this in case one forgets and inquires with you.

Questions about the programs and contest may be directed to our second floor desk.  Please help people review the webpage and to forward questions to me.  The above-linked webpage is linked from the IC homepage under the “News and Events” heading.

1.  Apparently OCLC has been having some resource sharing problems that may or may not impact ILL requests.  If anyone complains of problems, please ask them to talk to ILL directly.

2.  Books taken out of the library for 3 or 7 day loans may be returned to a book drop (i.e. do not have to be returned to the ciruclation desk.  As always, 2 hour loans must remain in the building and must be returned to the circulation desk.

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