March 2009

Anne e-mailed already.  WATER IS BACK ON.

Water will be turned off again on Monday from early morning til afternoon.

Good morning everyone,

Please note the procedures for copier refunds.  Copier refund forms are available at the 2nd floor help desk (in the desk drawers on the reference side).
There are two types of refund options: cash and Rambler Bucks.  Use the correct form when a refund is requested.  Procedures are as follows:


          Verify the copier error, and if approved, complete Cash refund request form

          Attach copier output to form if available

          Refer patron to Cudahy Library Circulation Desk to obtain refund (same day)



          Verify copier error, and if approved, complete Rambler Bucks refund request form

          Attach copier output to form if available

          Notify patron that the request will be processed within 7-10 business days by the Campus Card Office

          Submit form to Daytime Supervisor for processing

Please let me know if you have questions.


When you are reshelving in the Cudahy Reference Collection (a once daily routine, usually completed between 10:00 and noon), please take care of other maintenance matters as you see them.  By “maintenance” we mean:

  • Remove unneeded and randomly placed bookends; place them with the others that are collected on shelves near the passageway between the reference collection and the reading room.
  • Tidy shelves when you see books placed upside down, pushed back, or falling over.
  • If you see a book that should not be in the Cudahy Reference Collection, take it to the Circulation Desk so that it can be shelved in its proper place .
  • When you see a mulivolume set with volumes out of order, rearrange them.
  • Return paper towel rolls to a restroom; drop trash and recycling into an appropriate bin.
  • Take left behind books, apparel, and the like to the lost and found at the Circulation Desk.
  • Return current magazines and journals to Current Periodicals; return bound ones to the Circulation Desk for reshelving.
  • Return newspapers to that shelving area within the stack deck.
  • Return government documents to that collection’s reshelving table.

 One other small matter for the next week or two:  Please dedicate a few minutes to the shelves along the back of the Cudahy Reference Collection where the print indexes are shelved.  They look as though they need some extra attention. 

Your help with these tasks will make a big difference!  Thank you in advance.

At Jeannette’s urging, the print Oxford English Dictionary has been relocated from the book stand where it has been into the Cudahy Library Reference Collection in its proper place in call number order.  I have placed a sign indicating where it may be found on the now empty book stand.  Remember that the OED is also available online using the Databases by Title list.

Hello everyone,

I hope you areenjoying this wonderful weather; perhaps our collective thoughts can influence the weather gods to smile benevolently upon us for more than just a day.

The subject title is self explanatory, but I am one for words, as you well know by now. A campus safety staff member stopped by the reference desk to pick up the various IDs and keys that were stashed away in our lost and found area. So, should anyone come by asking for their IDs, perhaps we ought to redirect them to the campus safety’s office at Granada Center. (This is, of course, only applicable to materials that might have gone missing before 3:15pm on March 17, 2009.)

Stay well, my friends.




I am writing to invite you to participate in a focus group aimed at exploring ways that we can improve customer service in the Information Commons and the Library.  As frontline employees, you spend a lot of time interacting with our users and we would like to hear from you about ways we can improve the service we provide.  To that end, we have three focus groups that will be scheduled during the last week of March and we are inviting you to participate. Two of the groups will meet on Level 4 of the Information Commons on Monday March 23 from 1-2pm and on Friday March 27 from Noon-1pm. The third group will meet down at Lewis Library (WTC)–TBA. We will provide pizza and soda for your dining  pleasure!  Space is limited to 12 people per session, so if you are available, please send your rsvp and preferred slot to Leslie Haas (  (Note: students can clock in for the time that the focus group is in session)

I know that not everyone will be able to make one of these times, however we are very interested in your thoughts and ideas.  If you want to send an email to Leslie Haas ( we will gladly accept them.  The questions we will be focusing on in our focus groups are:

1. How can we improve service at the customer service desks in the IC or Library?
2. If you could make one change to the way the counter was set up in the IC or Library, what would it be?
3.  Noise is an issue on Level 3 of the IC, especially in the evenings, do you have any ideas on ways we can better enforce the quiet study rule on this floor?
Please offer ideas on ways to improve flow, etc….thanks!

Campus Security, Facilities, and Ross are working to address a problem on one (I don’t know which one) of the IC’s elevators.  The trouble was reported to Megan and me by a student who found herself stuck in the elevator at about 12:25 this afternoon (Monday, March 16th).  Needless to say, she’d managed to get out of the elevator but not until after a few nervous minutes.

Some of us may become lax about daily checking of the reference blog if we see that potluck post one more time.

The Social Committee is hosting a staff potluck on Friday, March 6th, 12:00-1:30, 4th floor of the IC.  Lots of food and you don’t have to bring anything, except your appetite because I’ve got you covered.  If you can make it, it’ll be better than planned because you bring great company.

When stepping away for a brief (or any) time, please let the IT staff person know that you are leaving and approximate the time in which you will return.  Also, please ask them to answer the phone if it rings and let the caller know that, while they cannot answer their question,  you will be back to the desk in a few minutes.  The caller may be given the option to remain on the line or call back in a few minutes.

Thank you.

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