May 2009

Timecards are due to be complete by Thursday morning, please. I will be off on Friday and will need to approve the time so that you may get paid next week. If you have any questions please ask.

I appreciate your cooperation.

On Tuesday, May 12th, at 3:00, in the reference office, we will have a reception for our own Justin Wenzell and wish him well as he goes off to the great yonder to make a wonderful life for himself. Congratulations, graduate!

We will also welcome our new reference librarian, Tara Radniecki, during the event. Please let me know if you are able to make it to our party.

Thank you

Hello everyone, and welcome to what officially may be referred to as Chicago spring.

I am writing simply to articulate my appreciation for the recent addition to our library’s main page. The “Article Quick Search” option might be a good way for patrons who are generalists to narrow down their search. I like it!
Thank you to all who worked on that project. I hope you have a pleasant and happy week ahead of you.
Best wishes,