June 2009

Please complete your timecard by the end of the day on Wednesday so that I may approve them and you get paid on time. They are due early because of the holiday and even moreso because I am off on Thursday, so I will need to complete the approval process by end of day on Wednesday

I’ve gotten a few questions about dining hall hours during the summer.  Here is a link to the summer session B hours: http://www.luc.edu/dining/breaks/summer_b_2009.shtml

I’ve also printed them out and put them in the white binder at the desk.



Staff FYI:
The Donovan Reading Room will be used for an event on Sunday morning, June 28, from approximately 10 a.m. – 1 p.m.  Because this is outside our normal operating hours Campus Safety will be on hand to open the South Doors on Sunday morning, and also to keep the event contained in the Reading Room.  Attendance is expected to be approximately 200 guests.
Set up for the event will occur on Friday evening, which means that the Reading Room will be closed during the day on Saturday.  Explanatory signs will be placed at the entrances to the IC and the Donovan Reading Room in order to minimize confusion.  The Reading Room should be available for patron use on Sunday afternoon after 1 p.m., although it may not be completely returned to normal until Sunday evening.
I hope this answers any questions that may come up, but please feel free to let me know if not.   Enjoy your weekend!
– Fred

If you should notice that the Digital Media Lab is unstaffed, especially on the weekend, please notify Carey.

I found a photocopier cash refund request form in the blue binder at the IC Reference Desk.  It is dated 6/1 and does not include any staff initials.   Cash refund requests should be initialed by a staff member and the patron should take the form to circulation immediately to request the refund.  This form was filled out by a Kenneth Owens.  If you know anything about it, could you please contact me privately.  I just need to know whether this patron is expecting to hear from someone about the refund or if I can discard the form.



P.S.  I am adding the information below to the blue binder.



Verify the copier error, and if approved, complete Cash refund request form

Attach copier output to form if available

Refer patron to Cudahy Library Circulation Desk to obtain refund


Verify copier error, and if approved, complete Rambler Bucks refund request form

Attach copier output to form if available

Notify patron that the request will be processed within 7-10 business days by the Campus Card Office

Submit form to Daytime Supervisor for processing

You may encounter students working on a chemistry assignment. The students are required to find a melting point in one of these three print ref sources (CRC Handbook of Chemistry and Physics; the Merck Index; and The Dictionary of Organic Compounds). However, the answer is listed in only one of these three sources: The Dictionary of Organic Compounds – Cud Ref QD246 .D5 1996 vol. 7, p. 4509.

Jennifer Jacobs, the interlibrary loan librarian, will work a couple of hours at the reference desk during the summer.

Just an FYI:

ScienceDirect, Scopus and The Admin Tool will be unavailable due to scheduled maintenance from 8am Saturday, June 20th until 12:00am Sunday, June 21st.

Tara Radniecki

From time-to-time, I will remind all (and myself) of the dress code for the reference desk. Please read and adhere.

Appropriate Dress

Although Loyola University Chicago has no specific dress code, student employees are expected to dress appropriately for their positions. Business casual is the appropriate dress for student employees working in the Information Commons. All student employees are visible to students, alumni, faculty, staff and members of the community. Employees are expected to practice good personal hygiene. Again, appropriate dress is expected from all student employees.

The following modes of dress do not contribute to a professional work environment and are not permitted (this is not a complete list):

Barefoot or inappropriate footwear (flip flops, etc.)
Hats, bandanas and baseball caps
Hair in curlers
Soiled, tattered, ripped or torn clothing (jeans are permissible as long as they are not lowriders, torn, frayed or ripped)
No sweats, sweatshirts, exercise leotards or flannel pants
Extremely short or side-split shorts or skirts
Halter tops, tank tops, midriff showing tops, t-shirts, tube tops etc.
T-shirts issued by an approved IC department is allowed
Inflammatory or obscene writing or emblems on clothing

If you have to ask yourself (or a friend) if this is work appropriate, then you should probably not wear it.

Please remember to check the reference phone for the green message light. If it is on, dial audix and pick up the messages.

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