September 2009

There is no longer an option for patrons who call the reference desk to leave a voicemail message. There is a new feature that instructs the caller to call x88000 if they want to speak to a patron and then to check out the library website if they want further information.

Therefore we no longer need to check the voicemail at the reference desk.

FYI from Anne R. Hello, everyone.

On Sunday morning there will be a brunch for Loyola parents who are also donors to the university. There will be about 100 guests arriving for a 10:00 brunch. These guests will be admitted to the building by a Campus Safety officer through the Cudahy Library west vestibule. The event organizers think most of them will also exit through this door, although I imagine some of them will walk back through the IC. The Campus Safety officer will be on duty from 9:00 until the end of the event.

I have asked Catering and Housekeeping to put the room back to rights as soon as possible following the brunch so it’s available for students. I’ve observed that students will go in and start reading even before the furniture is back to normal. I think that’s okay fine but the lamps and some of the electrical outlets may not be available until Housekeeping comes in.

Please let me know if you have any questions about this event.


Hello, everyone starting on Monday Sept. 14th, Campus Reservations will handle the classroom reservation requests for: 105, 111, 112, 215, 216, 230. Any Loyola Group wishing to use one of the classrooms for a meeting or event will need to go through Campus Reservations to make their request. As a result, all confirmed reservations for the IC classrooms will be viewable via R-25.

This new procedure does not include room 120. All requests for that room should be sent via e-mail to cud-ref and will be handled by Brenda.

I wanted to let you know that starting Monday, Sep. 21, we will be launching a new service that we are calling “book paging”. This will permit patrons who are off campus to request that a book be pulled from the shelf and held for them at their home library. The form to use will be the “Recall or Hold” form ( Requests that are placed before 8:30am will be available that day at noon, Monday through Friday. Requests placed after 8:30am will be available the following business day at noon. For now, we are limiting requests to 3 items per day, and they will be held for 3 days. We are starting this quietly, with information being added to the website but without any publicity. Once we are certain that it is working well we will promote it more, probably around Fall Break. Please let me know if you have any questions, and if you receive any feedback from users.
Thank you,

A few reminders based on recent observations:

  1. The reference books in the IC are shelved on the lower shelves of the units across from the help desk.
  2. Those books are not shelved randomly; they are in call number order.
  3. Books with round, green spine stickers are not part of regular reference collections, either in the IC or in Cudahy Library.  They are part of small floor collections.  The sticker indicates what building and what floor.  Return a book to that location accordingly.  Some days this will require climbing steps or riding an elevator.
  4. Non-reference books, journals, and other materials left on the reference collection reshelving table should be taken to the Cudahy Library Circulation Desk so that members of the Access Services staff can reshelve them in the appropriate place.
  5. Discarded reference and non-reference materials (including trash and recycling) should be taken care of appropriately when found in the Cudahy Library Reference Collection.
  6. Refer reshelving questions to a librarian so that we can figure it out together!

Thanks, everyone.

Loyola Libraries has begun their Resource of the Week program!

Each week a different Library resource will be featured.  Students and faculty are encouraged to stop by the reference desks at either the Information Commons or Lewis Library to pick up a handout on the resource and chat with a reference librarian to learn more about these valuable tools.  There should be a small stack of handouts at each desk along with a sheet with a few brief talking points to mention to any interested patrons.

This week’s resource is our Subject Guides.

Note:  Some students may ask you to initial a program booklet when they pick up a handout.  Please do so.  Thanks!

Please check your schedule and sign up for as many Saturday shifts as you are able to. These shifts are only three hours and I hope that we can cover all of them. Sorry for any inconvenience and thank you for your cooperation.

Just an FYI – There is a class with an assignment to get the Hirsch Number (aka H-index) for a particular author and also determine the journal with the highest impact factor which that author has published in.

I thought more students may come up to the desk so I just wanted to refresh anyone’s memories about where these can be found.

ISI Web of Knowledge is the database for both questions.

For Hirsch factor (aka h-index): Do a search for the author. When you get your results be sure to limit to exactly your author by using the limiter on the left hand-side of the results. Once your results are all from the specific author, click on the ‘Create Citation Report’ on the upper right-hand side in the same bar as ‘print, email, etc.’ The ‘H-Index’ will be listed on the upper right-hand side.

For Journal Impact Factor – Click on ‘Additional Resources’ tab, click on ‘Journal Citation Reports’, then either search for a specific journal title or a group of journals by subject. The impact factor is listed under ‘JCR Data.’

And if anyone knows a better way to get this information, please edit this post.

1. Law and Health Science users are not to use ILLiad to place their requests. The Law and HS libraries have their own request forms available on their web sites.

2. We do not request ILLs of items that are available on reserve at either library. This policy applies to everyone, including students who live off campus. (There are some exceptions for some graduate students in Social Work and Education, but they are few in number, and they should know who they are.)

3. We do not request textbooks through ILL.

4. We do not (at present) page or hold books that are available on the shelf. Holds and recalls are for items that are checked out.

If in doubt, please have the patron call or email me. I’m happy to talk to anyone about their needs and will try my best to help!


The university “gives” all students $3.50 in rambler bucks, but this money cannot be used on the photocopiers. If you have students who are confused about why the photocopier is registering a zero balance, please tell the student that she will need to add money to her card, or use the scanners in place of the copy machine.

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