February 2010

If anyone inquires about today’s Google Scholar Workshop, please share our apologies that the workshop instructor was not able to make it to campus. If the individual is willing, please take a name and e-mail and we will get in touch about scheduling an individual appointment or another workshop. Thanks, Jeannette

Thanks to some prompting from Brenda, I revisited the question of when the blinds open/close with Leslie. As I think we are all aware, closing of the blinds is automated. The blinds lower when the sun is “too bright.” However, I was not aware that it is okay to call facilities and ask them to lower the blinds if you think it is necessary. Facilities is one of the buttons on our phones (8-2100). I’m not certain if this is a regular issue for all of us. If you feel like you would be calling often, please let me know as I might want to talk to Leslie about whether we need to track this more carefully.


Dr. Goldschmidt’s Ethics class has an assignment involving the use of Police Commission Reports. As far as I know these are the ones they will most likely come to find:

Mollen Commission Report
Wickersham commission report
Christopher Commission Report

Knapp Commission – Only in print
HV8148.N52 A46
available, Lewis Main Stacks

If you have one of his students asking for a different one, please let Susan Wardzala know. SWARDZA@luc.edu

Ross cleaned our our overflowing lost & found cabinet this morning. He bagged up all of the items in each of the boxes and Campus Safety picked them up.

There was one Loyola ID and a UPASS in the box. Please remember that all IDs and UPASSes should be turned in to the supervisor on duty so that they may be logged.


A bag of food items (chips + salsa, hummus, and doughnuts) was left at the reference desk today. Does anyone know anything about it? The food is not highly perishable, so I placed in lost and found for now. It will need to be thrown away tomorrow if not claimed.

Hello everyone:

I hope you are well and looking forward to a happy sunny afternoon.
A student, unfortunately, might not have as happy of an afternoon as I would wish upon us. This is because earlier this morning she–an undergraduate student at Loyola–reported that her backpack went missing from the first level of Cudahy. Since no one had turned in the bag to the Lost/Found areas at the IC or library, I contacted the Security to find out if someone had handed them the materials. The safety staff sent in a policewoman to take down a report of theft, because she suspected that the backpack hadn’t simply gone “missing” but rather was taken by someone.
Unpleasant business: but hopefully something that will be cleared up soon by the authorities.

Stay warm, safe, and sunny, ladies and gentlemen.

Hi — I have had a couple of questions about printing from MACs. The printer does not connect when using the printer icon to send the print job from Word. If you use the File then Print option, it works fine. I e-mailed Nick who is looking into it. Best,

Hello. Niamh and I will be meeting with the IC Managers Team next week. Are there questions or concerns that you would like us to share with this group? For example, do you have any questions or concerns about the new lost & found policy? Are you happy with the communication between you and other staff working on the 2nd floor or in the building? Are there questions that you would like addressed by a policy or clarification of an existing policy?

Please send comments or feedback directly to Niamh or myself.


Hello all,

I am going out of town for the week of Spring break and need help covering the Tuesday 4-10 and Wednesday 8-2 shifts for that week.  If anyone is going to be around and would like to pick those hours up, I would greatly appreciate it. Also, if you have hours you need picked up in March as a swap, let me know and I’ll try to assist.


Please check the ICGRADS calendar from time to time and see if there is a shift that is “redded out” meaning a sub is needed. If you are available, please sign up for that shift. If you are not available to work your shift, please “red out” that shift AND notify me.

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