March 2010

I will be out of the office starting Thursday, April 1st and back on Tuesday, April 6th. Please consult Niamh if there is an issue that cannot wait for my return. Happy Easter!

Due to some work that has been going on with the Flagship and Archer (LUMC) proxy servers, some of the graduate nursing students have been accidentally shut out from Flagship.

As always, if any student is having problems accessing our resources forward the query onto me. If you determine that the student is indeed a nursing graduate student, please give me their Loyola username and let them know that they should have access again shortly. If I am not around, you can get the username directly to Gino and he will quickly give them back their Flagship access.



UPDATE:  Access Newspaper now appears to be functioning correctly.  Please keep me updated on any problems you are coming upon as I feel like this resource has been acting up a lot lately and I would like to keep track of it (and bring any major issues to their attention).  Thanks again!


Hi All,

As of right now (2.13pm on Tuesday, March 30th), Access Newspaper Archive is down. I have contacted them and hopefully the problem will be resolved soon. Please assure patrons the problem is being looked into and we hope access will re-open at some point today or tomorrow.


Jared reported that while looking for a lost power cord a student said went missing, he found a flash drive in the media box of the lost and found. Please remember that all flash drives should be given to the IT staff as promptly as possible.

FYI. Most of the 2nd floor group study rooms are booked tomorrow for presidential scholar interviews. There will be lots of admitted students and their parents in the building! Just FYI. Also there will be a “bike” rally in front of the building tomorrow afternoon. Fun, fun, fun.

Tara is teaching a workshop next week about EBSCO tools. Please consider attending if you have time!

Becoming an Ebsco Power User: Advanced searching techniques to get you better results.

Tired of struggling to find enough sources for your paper? Fed up with trying to remember all the search terms you’ve already tried? Wish you could keep track of the articles (and their citations) you use? Think getting an email of all the latest articles being published on your topic sounds like some kind of fantastic magic?

Then become an Ebsco Power User and learn to make the most of all the Ebsco databases have to offer!

Where: Information Commons Room 120
When: Wednesday, March 24; 3:30 – 4:00pm

The library is currently conducting a user survey and everyone who completes the survey, is given the opportunity to enter a raffle to win a netbook computer, a $100 gift certicate to Best Buy or $50 in Rambler’s Bucks. Please take a few minutes and fill out the survey!

To complete the survey, visit

(This is the annual library survey. Please encourage your friends and colleagues and students to participate. Thanks!)

Great news! The gates around Deck C will be removed starting today. This means that circ staff will no longer need to page oversize items. The catalog location has not changed yet, but will be something like Cudahy Oversize (Stack Deck C).

Pegasus now says “Cudahy Stack Deck C” for all the books that are currently housed on Deck C.