July 2010

Just a reminder, the faculty Blackboard Drop-in Sessions do continue in the Writing Center during the summer.

Schedule can be found at:



We were doing so well keeping up with these for a while, but there have been more misses again lately. PLEASE REMEMBER TO DO HEADCOUNTS EVERY TWO HOURS BEGINNING AT 8:00 AM.

Thanks you!

The driveway/walkway between Crown Center and our neighboring apartment building is almost complete. As soon as it is ready to use, the walking path between the Gentile construction and the steam plant will close. Those of us who come in from North Sheridan Road or north of campus will then need to use Loyola Avenue to come in on the new path or the lakeside walk. I don’t know whether we’ll get any warning or we’ll just walk into the change one of these mornings.

Hello Everyone!

Hi — a friendly reminder from ITS that faculty Blackboard drop-in sessions do indeed continue through the summer months. For more information: http://www.luc.edu/blackboard/Dropin.shtml

I think it’s hard to develop a new habit when I hardly get to practice the habit I want to cultivate but such is the case with our new reshelving procedure; with little or nothing to reshelve each day, our new procedure might be forgotten.  Please remember to follow it.  This means at the very least that between 10:00 and noon each weekday the reshelving table in CREF and our shelf in Access Services should be checked for any materials that need our attention.

You’ve undoubtedly noticed several unlit aisles in the Cudahy Library Reference Collection.  Service requests have been sent to Facilities.  Anne thinks that the problem is more complicated than burned out  light bulbs.  The lighting will be repaired or replaced as soon as Facilities schedules it to be done.

Please remember our new reshelving procedure when you work a morning shift.  And, if you have not learned the new procedure by going through it with me, please do not reshelve.  I will keep watching for an opportunity to meet with each of you. 

Now for those barcodes!  Be sure that you scan a volume’s library barcode.  It will usually be found inside the back cover of a book.  You may occasionally find it inside the front cover or on the cover itself, instead.  The library barcode says “Loyola University Chicago” (or some variation of that) above it.  The library barcode is not the barcode that appears adjacent to the book’s ISBN number.

As always, please ask questions when they arise.