August 2010

Please be sure that when you have finished using the handheld barcode scanner you return it promptly to the Stacks Supervisor’s desk.  We cannot risk leaving it behind in the reference collection.  It is not our equipment, per se, and it has several functions in other library departments.  Mindless tasks are challenging in their mindlessness!  Thanks for being mindful of this one.

Don’t forget that we have discontinued use of WebChat as of yesterday. Please continue to monitor text and AskLive (


Please spend some time on the new library home page today to ensure that you know where to find things!

Thanks, Jeannette

Many students have been inquiring about the location to pick up UPASSes.

More information, including pick-up locations and hours can be found on the university website at:

From Ursula:

Good morning –
I have just turned on “IC 1st Floor” as a pick-up location in Pegasus and tested it. All appears well and patrons may begin using it. I have not, as of yet, added IC as a pick-up location to any of our web forms, including the recall form, but may do so if there is demand. (It would require some help from systems.)

Just as a reminder, the IC pick-up location can only be used for Loyola-owned books that are 1) circulating and 2) not on reserve. It cannot be used for movies or for ILL material.

Please do let me know if you get any patron feedback, positive or negative.

The policies regarding the Library Storage Facility have changed. In the past, graduate students and faculty could get a key from the Circulation Desk and go over to LSF on their own. Now, there will be a Circulation staff person working in LSF from 11:00 – 3:00 on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday. Patrons can go to straight LSF at this time to browse the shelves and check out books.

No one knows anything about new Loyola visitor suites “The Flats at Loyola,” but you can tell inquirers to call 312-860-3508 to get information.  Parents can go ahead and book them for Parents Weekend is why people are asking.  FYI — there is a web site at

I added a link to the ITS page about Blackboard Drop-in Sessions to our link list on left.

8-Ride service resumes tomorrow night. The closest pick-up spot for students leaving the Library and IC will be the main parking structure and the last call will be 2:15 a.m.

Campus Safety and Transportation Services encourage students to walk together from the IC doors to the pick up — this area is well covered by security cameras. Questions about 8-ride can be called in to Transportation Services at 8-2399, or directly to 8-7433 (8-Ride) during its hours of operation.

I wanted to be sure all of the late night supervisors and desk students were aware of the service and the pick-up location. Will you please share this within your areas?

Thank you.

Someone is supposed to come today to work on the yellow chair that is sitting to the right of the storage cabinets behind the desk. He will be trying to fix the chair so that it does not tilt forward. If the repair man shows up during your shift, please direct him to the chair. If there are questions, please call Anne in her office, 8-3963, or at Carol’s desk, 8-2641.

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