September 2010

Molly mentioned to me that several students reported receiving e-mails about fines for marker returns. They indicted that they had “left” the markers on the desk. Please make sure that all markers returned are discharged properly even if not handed to you in person. Thanks,

Just a reminder, the library instruction classroom (also known as the seminar room or room 120) is under the management of the Reference Department. I am pleased to announce that we finally have a room reservation request form. You can find it on the request forms list or from the policies section of the IC web site. Actually, the link to the form is not on the IC site yet, but will be soon. If you receive phone inquiries about use of this room, please direct them to the form and encourage the caller to read the policy information provided prior to making a request. If the person calling needs to talk to a person, please refer to Brenda Overton. If necessary, you can refer to Jeannette.

All of you can view the schedule for the room from the calendar proxy called icseminarroom. Any reference librarian can make adjustments to the calendar, but should report additions or deletions related to outside groups by sending an e-mail to the cud-ref account.

If you have time, please take a moment to review the policy which can be found linked from the new form.


We have added over 100,000 e-book titles to our catalog from a service called EBL. The service is set up so that we are charged by use. The first three uses are considered loans and a fourth use initiates a purchase. Please let one of the librarians know if you experience problems with this service or have questions from patrons. Thanks, Jeannette

All of this year’s first-year students are enrolled in UNIV 101, a seminar that introduces them to strategies for academic and personal success at Loyola.  Week 5 is dedicated to content about University Libraries.  An out-of-class activity requires that students access the main stacks of either Cudahy or Lewis Library.  They may do the activity individually or in small groups.  We know it will generate questions.

The activity is explained in instructions that students will print from Blackboard.  The activity is broken into seven steps.  If asked, please glance through the instructions and help students work their way through them.

Here are the parts that are most likely to generate questions:

Students will perform a “known item” search in Pegasus and it is important that they use Pegasus for this (even though it can be accomplished in WorldCat Local; we want them to know Pegasus for their library account and reserves access).  They have a list of books, any one of which they may search for by title or author.  They will have seen this demonstrated in an online tutorial.  Still, some may need extra help to perform this search.

Students will then get into the stacks as far as the first letter in the item’s call number.  For example, one of the listed books has the call number PN 2287 .H35 A32.  A student who has chosen this book from the list needs to get to the Ps.  S/he may need assistance to learn that the Ps are on the second floor of the main stacks in Cudahy Library or the ninth floor of Lewis Library.

Lastly, students need to take a photo in the stacks.  We anticipate that most will have a camera in their phone.  If a desperate student comes to you looking for a digital camera, first tell them not to worry!  Then, suggest that they check one out of the Digital Media Lab.  If that fails, please send a reference librarian (ideally, me) ( an e-mail message with the student’s name.  We will follow-up promptly.

Please communicate your questions to me, in-person or via e-mail to  Thank you for your help making our first-year students feel welcome in University Libraries.

Just an FYI about a message I got from Alexander Street Press.  They are doing maintenance tomorrow (Saturday, Sept 18th) and our collections/resources through them may experience some periods of inaccessibility. 

“We will be performing scheduled maintenance on all Alexander Street Press collections on Saturday, September 18, 2010. While we don’t expect any major service outages, access may be disrupted sporadically between the hours of 7 AM and 3 PM.”

New to me:

After 9:00 p.m., 8-Ride now picks up in front of the IC. The van drives in from Loyola Avenue south across the east quad path. Apparently this IC pick-up was added more than a week ago but I just learned about it this morning. Your evening student staff probably already know, but in case not, will you share this information with them?


Just a reminder that tomorrow (Wed Sept 15) is the LSC WCL launch party and that Thursday is the last day for the WCL drop-in sessions as well as the WTC launch party.

Please continue to promote both of these events with our patrons at the Reference desk and continue to hand out the WCL post cards at the desk (while they last). 

The party should be a lot of fun everyone should try to attend.  posted by Jamie

Leslie will be out of town until October 1st. While she is away, any requests to reserve the IC 4th Floor should be directed to Carol Franklin,, 773-508-2641.

On occasion, the handheld barcode scanner may be in use when you try to retrieve it on weekday mornings.  If that is the case, please look for a student employee using it in either the current periodicals area or the bound journals shelving on the lower level of Cudahy Library.  S/he needs it for only a few minutes and will gladly turn it over to you for use in the reference collection.  When you are finished with it, please return it to the Stacks Supervisor’s desk per our usual procedure.  Stack Supervisor Jimmy Thomas assured me that this is the easiest way to be sure we all get our scanning done!

Students can now reserve i-pads through My ITS: Right now, the i-pads are not appearing on the DML reservations page, so be sure to direct patrons to My ITS.

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