November 2010

Please give me your availability for the interim and schedule for spring semester. I am working on the schedule daily for this week.

UPDATE:  Please review policy/procedures in blue binder.  Thank you!  

As some of you know, we have been experiencing a rash of prank phone calls. We would like to track the calls, and to that end when you get a prank call please enter the information into LIBStats. This gives a time stamp and you can also use the notes section to enter data about the call. We are gathering this information to help us determine the next step in stopping these calls. We are also adding a descriptor “Prank Calls” to help us organize and track the calls as they come into the different service points.  –Leslie

To update Leslie’s message: 

We are adding “prank calls” as a question type in LibStats.  Please begin to record prank call information in LibStats.  Any details that you are able to provide could be helpful.  We will be providing more information about all of this tomorrow.  One note of importance, the Public Service Heads agreed that we will no longer say our names when answering a phone call.  In our case, we should now say Reference.  How may I help you?  or Reference Services.  How may I help you.  We can each use our own judgement about whether to share our name later in a call.  Please do not give out the names of staff working at other service points.   Thanks, Jeannette

Lewis Library: Restricted Guest Access During Final Exams

Posted: 11 Nov 2010 10:00 PM PST

Library use at the Lewis Library is restricted to Loyola students, faculty, and staff starting Monday, November 15 – Tuesday, December 21. For questions or concerns, please contact the Circulation Desk at 312-915-6625.

The Office of Student Life is no longer giving stamps of approval for posters and announcements. Discretion is left to individual departments, with regard to general university posting guidelines. Anyone who brings a flyer or ad for posting in the IC may be directed to Mary Donnelly, or may leave the item at the front desk. If it meets IC standards for posting and there is room on the board, it will be placed there as soon as possible. Generally the ad content must reflect a university-sponsored event or department.

Hi — Paul has noticed that lab stats does not seem to be as accurate for level 2 as it used to be. I will inquire with Adam about whether the pilot IT is trying on our floor would impact lab maps. In the meantime, please return to counting people at computer stations yourself for the head counts. Thanks, Jeannette

Ross has sent out an updated GroupWise IM contact list, which has been uploaded to both reference desk computer.

Please note that the IC student employees and monitors will no longer use their Loyola-issued user names for GroupWise IM. Instead, they will use the following usernames:

IC Student Employees: icfloor1, icfloor2, icfloor3, icfloor4
Monitors: deskIC

The contact list also reflects the most current staff from Digital Media Services.

Hello. I see that the signs are being removed from the group study room reservation computer, so my assumption is that the system is again working.

Jen and I found out through a patron that the Room Reservation system is down. The IT Student says that it is down for a while and there is no further information. I will check with supervisors and see what the solution is. As for now, we are just asking the students to check the rooms that they may want to study in and see if they are free.

Hi — I just found a pair of Cudahy headphones in the cupboard behind the desk. These should have been returned to the Cudahy desk since they are charged out to someone. If you ever notice anything like this in our cupboard, please try to return them to Cudahy as soon as possible. Thanks, Jeannette

Just a reminder, we should never take this material from a student.  Students should return material to the Cudahy desk.  Thanks!

Please make an effort to attend the Graduate Assistants meeting on Thursday, November 4th, 10:00-11:00 in room 315 of the IC. After a brief meeting with Head of Reference, Reference Desk supervisor, and Graduate Assistant supervisor there will be a time to meet and greet the Dean of Libraries and the Assistant Dean of Libraries with snacks.

If you have not already done so, please let Brenda know if you are not able to come to the event.