February 2011

You will notice that IC REF has been reconstituted on the recently returned shelving.  The titles that now compose our IC REF collection (in addition to the floor style guide sets) are the Encyclopaedia Britannica and the Oxford English Dictionary.

The Britannica is the copy formerly shelved in the Cudahy Library Reference Collection (CREF).  That collection now holds only the Britannica Yearbooks.  The OED is a new copy received as a gift to University Libraries.  Another print copy is still in CREF.  Pegasus records reflect these changes.

Both the OED and Britannica are available online, of course, but each is still used in print and preferred in print by some users and for some purposes.  Ask Niamh for details about all that the print Britannica can do that isn’t possible online.  It’s fascinating!

The SciFinder/Java conflict has been resolved.

SciFinder has announced an incompatibility issue between the web version and a recent Java update (Java Version 6 (JRE 1.6), update 24, released on 2/15).  The client version installed on IC/library PCs is not affected.  The issue affects only the web version of SciFinder on the Windows operating system. Customers using SciFinder client or the web version of SciFinder on a Macintosh OS are not affected.  According to SciFinder:  “CAS is fully engaged in identifying the source of this potential issue and will update you further when we have more information.

The Loyola Libraries Web Team would like to ask the reference student workers and intern(s) for their assistance as we continue revamping the Libraries’ website.

You will find a white binder at the desk with printed off copies (3 of each) of various web pages.  The content on these pages is factually correct, but we are asking you to edit them for clarity and concision.  Please also make any notes of additional information which would make policies/services/etc clearer.

Please include your intitials in the upper left hand corner of the page you are working on and mark any edits on the pages in pen.

You can work on this project at anytime on the desk, but we realize it may be best suited for the longer weekend shifts when the reference desk can be slower.

Thanks in advance for you contribution and please don’t hesitate to contact me with any questions.

Tara Radniecki


Ross has recently cleaned out the Lost & Found boxes and their contents are in Leslie’s office. If someone is looking for something and we don’t see it, please notify either of them.

CUERP has agreed to take our used water bottles (the nice ones that we have had to throw away in the past). When these bottles are turned into the desk, please try to find an opportunity to empty and rinse them (no need to clean). Ross or Leslie will collect them regularly for delivery to CUERP.


From Anne Reuland:

Bill Sherry, Superintendent of Facilities, has sent a warning about possible effect of the storm on the lakefront buildings. He notes that high winds and waves hitting the rocks and shoreline will cause icing conditions. As the ice builds, this gives the waves will move farther inward. Facilities will be resetting the automatic window controls to keep all the IC windows closed until the wind & waves off the lakefront return to normal conditions.

If you see any storm water or leaking inside of either building, we should call Facilities at x82100. If Carol or I are available, we’ll be happy to call it in but if you can’t reach us, please report it directly and let us know after the fact. If there is no answer, and between the hours of 3:30 p.m. and 7:00 a.m., we call Campus Safety at x86039 to report the leak.

Facilities will monitor the conditions along the lakefront pathway from Santa Clara to Sullivan Center. If it becomes hazardous for pedestrians, they will close that path.

If I learn more, I will let you all know. Thank you.

Dear colleagues,

In light of the predicted snow storm this week the LLT thought it would be useful to remind everyone of the following information:

– If you have a question about whether the University is open or closed you may call the Emergency and Weather Information Line at 773-508-8900. Human Resources updates a recorded voice mail with information about any emergency closings.

– If you have not done so already you should register your contact information with the Loyola Alert service at http://luc.edu/alert/

– Please make sure your supervisor also has your current contact information and that you have her contact information as well. (cell phone, home phone, etc.) Carol Franklin, at cfrankl@luc.edu, should also be given your current contact information.

– The Library Administration will remain in contact with your supervisor(s) if the libraries’ schedule is changed in any way due to the weather.

Please feel free to e-mail your supervisor, or any member of the Library Administration, if you have questions.

– Fred

Frederick D. Barnhart, J.D., MLS
Associate Dean for Library Services & Collections
Loyola University Chicago

1032 W. Sheridan Rd. Chicago, IL, 60660
P: 773-508-2620
F: 773-508-8691