May 2011

Alumni, guests visiting from other institutions, and community patrons are now asked to bring their state I.D. to leave with the IC 1st floor desk. Everyone is required to bring a state I.D. with them when they come into the library if they are not a student. If there are any questions, please check in with the 1st floor IC.
Thank You,

The reference librarians will be doing “Reference Rounds” this summer as part of a pilot plan. This means that the librarian will leave the consultation office and spend approximately an hour roving through Cudahy to answer questions from patrons that might not make it over to the IC.

The rounds schedule is as follows:
Monday – TR(9:30-10:30) and SM(3-4:00)
Tuesday – JC(9:30-10:30) and TR(3-4:00) and JP (4-5)
Wednesday – JM(9:30-10:30) and NM(3-4:00)
Thursday – JM(9:30-10:30) and JP(1:30 – 2:30) and KS(3-4:00)
Friday – Rotating (9:30 – 10:30) and Rotating(3-4:00)

While on rounds, the librarian will carry an ipad, which will allow the graduate student to communicate with the librarian via Skype.

At the beginning of your shift, please make sure that you log in to Skype. You’ll find it in the Start menu under Programs.   The user name and password are on our Password list.  Please use the password with the user name icreference.  Librarianas will use lul reference and appear as Reference Department in your contacts.

FYI:  The Grad School is conducting its fourth annual Dissertation Writing Boot Camps in the IC this summer (this week, and the week after Memorial Day).  This week’s boot camp meets in IC 216. The one-week boot camps are offered for doctoral students who need to jump start or restart their writing process in a structured, supportive setting; the students meet from 9am – 5pm, and spend 5 hours of each day writing. The rest of the day includes coaching, peer review sessions, and brief presentations.  The overall goals for each student are to complete a substantial draft, and to develop and commit to a firm timeline to their defense (whether for the proposal or the dissertation).
I met with the group at lunch today to give them a brief overview of library collections and services.  I focused on our subject specialist system, and encouraged the students to contact the appropriate librarian if they’d like assistance with their research.   You may be contacted by students in the program, or they may stop by the reference desk.

Please remember that reshelving does not change in the summer; it needs to be attended to Monday through Friday, before noon using the same procedure as during the academic year.  (Some days, you will find nothing to reshelve but do not assume that will be the case the next day you work a morning shift.)

Two reminders based on observations late in the spring semester:

  1. Remember to check the CREF shelf behind the Circulation Desk.  These materials need not be scanned but they are our responsibility to shelve.
  2. Remember to check that an item belongs in the Reference Collection before you shelve it there.  I’ve found lots of bound periodicals and non-reference books is CREF lately.  Since they have been shelved in correct call number order, I do not believe that they are student stashes of “I’ll be using it later” materials.

Please refresh your reshelving procedure memory using the document linked from the right side of this blog or its counterpart in the blue binder.  Please ask me your questions.  We’ll figure out the answer together.