June 2011

There is a class which has an assignment to find 5-7 articles that are “evidence based ***” and brief therapy and something. There are 3 databases which start with ”EBM” (evidence based medicine) – they can be found in the Research Databases list under E or on the Social Work pages under Databases for Article Searching. Please let me know if you have any problems.


Temporarily there are two files in the Cud-Ref “misc” folder. Just in case Prof. Fitzgerald inquires about her Instruction Request, we are waiting for assignments. There is also one from a patron who wants to donate his personal journals, I have forwarded that to David Givens. I have replied to both people, but in case anyone needs to look at the request forms, they are in “misc”.

You may notice (or have noticed) work in the reference collection.  Paul has been doing lots of work to improve the “index wall” at the back (the south wall).  More on that in a future post.

Stacks Supervisor Jimmy Thomas and his student staff are helping us re-allocate shelf space in the rest of the collection.  That requires moving every book at least once.  As a result, the range cards at the end of each shelf that indicate the call numbers in a particular row are inaccurate and a book may not be in the exact spot you remember from a past use.

All of this will be settled before the start of the academic year in late August.  I’ll post updates as needed and more information when the project as complete.  In the meantime, please ask questions and continue reshelving practices as usual.

There are two magnetic badges that say “Reference Assistant” in the drawer beneath the reference assistant computer. If you are a reference assistant, please remember to wear one during your shift, and please remember to put it back in the drawer when you leave.


1. Campus road will be torn up again (I believe it’s been torn up every summer I’ve worked here) in order to move some utilities. However, the pedestrian path from the parking garage to the East Quad will remain open during this project. This was apparently scheduled to begin before now, so could happen any time.

2. Next week, Chicago Fire Department will be running some training and drills in Alumni Gym, Merz, and other areas on the north west side of campus. If you see fire engines in that area, don’t be alarmed.

3. The parking garage will be re-striped soon. It will not close, but sections will be closed off. This work is being scheduled around Discover Loyola, so it is expected that there will be adequate space for staff to park during the project.

Please let me know if you have questions about any of these.

Currently, the Health Sciences Library website is down. IT is aware of the
problem and hopes to have it resolved by the afternoon. Patrons may be able to
access databases like CINHAL, if they have access to our proxy. We will do our
best to help them find what they need until […]

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Congratulations to Trevor! Starting in the fall, Trevor will be teaching Theology at Loyola Academy. We wish him the best and hope to keep in touch with him. Trevor will continue to work for the library through the summer.

Please note that the library will be closing at 3:00 on Saturday, June 11th for the Founder’s Day Program.

The Visual Molecular Dynamics (VMD) database is available on the public workstations.  Unfortunately, it’s listed as “University of Illinois” on the list of available programs – if one scrolls the mouse over this entry on the list of programs, it then shows the VMD program link to the right.  We should all be able to help a student find the program, but if a student needs assistance using the database, please contact me or give the student my contact information.

This is a very specialized database and you’re not likely to get a request unless Ken Olsen, a chem faculty member, directs a student to the library to use it, and he’ll probably already have told the student where to look for the database.