August 2011

Some improvements have been made to the card readers, but they are still not completely fixed.

To make copies, a user must have at least $1.00 worth of rambler bucks on the card. After making $.60 worth of copies, the card reader will time out, and the card will need to be swiped again. If a user starts with $1.10 on her card, then makes $.60 worth of copies, she will need to add more money to her card before she can swipe it again.
At this time, only the machine on the north side of the floor is working.

The Writing Center will open on September 12th. Meanwhile, if someone needs assistance, they should contact Amy Kessel at x82682.

The website will be up shortly, allowing the students to make appointments.

The anticipated fall hours are Monday, Tueday, Wednesday, 9:00am-10:00pm, Thursday 9:00am-8:00pm, Friday 9:00am-3:00pm, Sunday 7:00pm-10:00pm.

AskLive, our chat (a.k.a. online , a.k.a. virtual) reference service is suffering connection problems at both computers at the IC second floor desk.  Try to connect, and check your connection periodically.  If you find yourself disconnected and unable to reconnect, give it a rest and try again later.  As soon as possible, the program will be uninstalled and reinstalled which will, we can hope, solve the problem permanently.

Please make sure you read the document that summarizes the new libstats guidelines. You should find it at the reference desk or slipped into the front of the blue binder.

In particular, please note the new questions types:

Question Type:

• Reference – involves use, recommendation, assistance with or instruction in use of information sources (catalogs, databases, search engines, web sites, reference tools). Also include referrals to specialized services such as a reference librarian, special collections, access services, etc. Note that it is not a referral if you are giving directions to a service that a patron has already identified as a need; it is a referral if you use your own knowledge or resources to identify/recommend a service that a patron needs based on their question.

• Library Services* – Assistance with any library services. Examples include reserving a group study room, understanding library policies and procedures, help with request forms (ILL, RBA, LSF, inter-campus, etc.), problems with logging into databases, how long will it take for my interlibrary loan book to arrive, etc. If a contact includes both services and reference services, it should be reported as a reference transaction.

• University – answering questions related to other University services based on published information (i.e. printed or web) and referral to other University services.

• IT/Mechanical – actually assisting a patron with productivity software, computers, printers, scanners, copiers.

• Prank Calls – input experiences with prank calls and notify surpervisor of incident.

The new photocopiers have been installed. Currently (temporarily),the copier on the north end of the 2nd floor only uses coins.

Update from Ursula:

Right now the IC machine is the only machine that can work for copying (change only). Machines in Cudahy do not have change box yet.

All the machines should work for scanning and saving to a USB.

We will schedule training when machines are fully functional.


There is a Criminal Justice Class being taught on WTC this Fall. The faculty member does not want to put links for the students and is going to require them to search for the articles/documents. There are several that are VERY tricky and some bad citations, so a copy of the syllabi with the document notations to aid if you get questions has been added to the N drive-> Reference-> CriminalJustice395.docx. It is unknown if the syllabi will be corrected before it is given to the students.

Please take a moment and program the numbers of your co-workers and supervisors into your phone in case there is a situation where you need to get in touch with us.

For the coming school year, all of the scanners in the IC will be located in the Digital Media Lab. The scanners that have been out on the 2nd floor received a lot of abuse, so IT decided to move them all into the DML.

The DML is restricted to current students, faculty, and staff. This means that guests, alumni, etc will not be able to use any of the traditional scanners in the IC. However, there is still one scanner in Cudahy (near the circulation desk), and the new photocopy machines can be used as scanners. (More info on the new copiers next week).

IT has made some changes to the computers in the IC and Cudahy. The computers are now operating Windows 7, so things will look a little different. Some of the major changes:
1. Context will no longer be needed for logging in. (Yay!)
2.  Patrons will not see all the application boxes popping up while computer is logging in, this may lead them to feel system is slow, but login time should be about the same as before and will continue to improve over time.
3.  Applications formerly found in Loyola Software will now be accessed on Program menu.

We will be open from 8:00 a.m. – 10:00 p.m. Monday – Thursday next week (Welcome Week) — this is a change from previous years, when we usually closed at 5:00 during Welcome Week.

We will be open on Sunday, Aug. 21st from 10-4 with minimal staff, primarily to allow students access to ResNet.

We will not begin the 24/5 hours until AFTER Labor Day weekend. This will probably be a source of confusion during the first week of classes.

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