November 2011

A student approached the reference desk this morning requesting assistance in researching the history of tortilla production. There is a sheet with links on the metal shelf below the desk, if the student returns. Unfortunately, the student email that we have is incorrect.

A reminder from Leslie about restricted hours as we approach finals. Read carefully because the restricted access does not apply to all types of guests. Ross will be posting signage today or tomorrow.
Hello everyone,

Just a quick reminder that restricted access for our community users begins on December 5. As in the past, reciprocal users, alumni and those guests in the company of a Loyola person are still allowed into the space. The one thing that would change this year, is that they would be expected to leave at midnight (as is the current practice now that we are open 24/5).

FYI — here is some info on Lewis restricted hours from Yolande.

Lewis Library’s Restricted Access time period started on Monday November 14th and ends Tuesday December 20th.
Our access is restricted to Loyola Faculty, Students, Staff and Alumni. No guests or reciprocal schools have access during this time. Vanessa notified her contacts at those schools at the beginning of November.

Just a quick reminder — when responding to questions on text-a-librarian, especially those related to hours, please inquire which facility the patron wishes to use so that you can respond with the appropriate hours. Text-a-Librarian is promoted to all Loyola University student, faculty, and staff and it is staffed by Cudahy/IC and Lewis reference desks.

When doing the reference collection shelving should you come across a Government document please place it in the Government Documents re-shelving bin which is located in stack deck A (one level down from the reference collection) under the metal stack deck stairs.

All Government Documents should be clearly stamped “Gov Doc” and will typically not have a Library of Congress (LC) call number on the spine of the book. Government Documents typically have a SuDoc number written in pen or on a label on the front cover of the item.

If there is an LC call number on the spine it will likely be part of the Government Documents reference collection (typically the call number will start with a ‘Z’) and will include “Gov Doc Ref” as the location on the label. The Government Documents reference collection is located on stack deck A on the first set of shelves opposite the microform readers.

I hope this clears up any confusion. If you have any questions please email Jamie .

Steven Swartz from Geographic Research, Inc. will be on campus on Tuesday November 29th from 4-5pm to conduct a hands on workshop on the newly upgraded version of SimplyMap.

I have booked IC120.

Grad students are invited.

Please let me know if you able to attend.


Our new ILL proxy system is live! To request a proxy account, the faculty member should complete the form at or send an email to Of course, feel free to just refer any interested patrons to me.

After we receive the request, we will create an ILLiad account with a username and password for the faculty to distribute at their discretion.

Let me know if you have any questions or would like more details.


Thank you for your efforts to distribute the reference feedback forms. Keep up the good work through Sunday and we will be done!
Hi – Today we are beginning a two-week effort to ask patrons for feedback on our services. It is important to offer the form to as many people as possible after a service desk interaction. You do not need to offer a form for marker check-out or quick directional questions, such as where do I check-out headphones or where are the photocopiers.

Please offer patrons a piece of candy with the form. If they ask to do it later, give them the smaller slip of paper with the web address for the feedback form.

Extra candy, extra feedback forms, and extra handouts with the web address are in the top file drawer of the file cabinet in the consultation office. Please place the box with completed forms, the candy, and the black forms in the consultation office overnight.


There is a purple colored scarf that is in the cabinet behind the Reference Desk. It is not in the lost & found section, rather in our side of the cabinet. Please check to see if it belongs to you.

Hi — we had a couple of people looking for plays yesterday. If a play does not come up by an author or title search, you will want to try a keyword search as the next step. Plays are often included in anthologies such as Best Plays of 2002 and if the table of contents is included in the catalog record the keyword search will find the play. If neither option works, there are other good options for identifying if a play has been published in an anthology or journal. To find out more about these use Jen’s Theatre subject guide. There is a tab dedicated to finding plays.


Mac users must use the Chrome browser to open PDFs from Ebsco databases.

If you get questions from patrons who are having trouble opening a PDF in an Ebsco database (that includes Academic Search Premier), find out what type of computer he or she is using. If the patron is on a mac, you can direct them to this page to download Chrome:

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