December 2011

The last Blackboard Drop-in this week will be tomorrow afternoon 12/20. We may be in 204 later in the week, but are not necessarily staffing the room again until we resume Drop-ins on Jan 3.

If people are looking for extra computers during finals, please feel free to tell them about room 120, the instruction classroom. The only scheduled use of the room is from 10-2 tomorrow, Dec. 14th. Other than that reservation, the room is open through finals. Thanks,

The shuttle will stop running at 3:00pm on December 20 (the last day of finals). Service will resume on Jan. 17, the day after the MLK Day holiday.

A plastic part fell off one of the water fountains up here. Ross has notified facilities. The part is in our cabinet. If you’re around when facilities comes to work on it, please be sure to give them the part.