January 2012

We’ve had a few problems with the copiers lately, but they seem to magically disappear when Ursula comes over to take a look. Here are some things to keep in mind when dealing with the copier:

1. Students get $3.50 in printing money from Loyola, but that money cannot be used for photocopying, it can only be used on the printers.
2. Students need to have at least 60 cents in Rambler Bucks (printer money from Loyola does NOT count) on their cards to use the copy machine.

If a patron is having trouble getting the copy machine to recognize their account funds, have the patron check his balance online, to find out exactly what the rambler bucks balance is: http://www.luc.edu/campuscard/online.shtml

If you see that the patron has more than 60 cents in his rambler bucks account, but he’s still not able to make copies, please try to contact Ursula or Bonnie at the circulation desk, and send the patron over to the copy machine in Cudahy so that they can try to duplicate the problem. If Ursula and Bonnie are unavailable, please note the exact circumstances of the problem and speak to me (Niamh) about it.

Please take a moment to authorize your own timecard when you complete it every other week. Simply click on “approval” and you have authorized it. I will still authorize it, but it is much cleaner if you do so also.

When getting swaps for your shift, please inform Niamh or Brenda so that we know who is coming in to work in your place. Also please look ahead and see when you may be able to work in someone’s place. All will need a sub now and then.

If a flash drive is turned in to the lost and found and it is connected to something else like a wallet, a set of keys, or an ID, you should turn it over to an IC supervisor, rather than give to the IT folks.

Patrons can make some updates and download some programs the public computers. If, in the process of downloading or updating something, the patron is asked to enter a username and password, the patron should go ahead and enter their own Loyola ID and username.

Please note that these updates and downloads will disappear from the computer once the patron logs out.

In case anyone comes looking for the resources for Prof. Gramata’s class (Mark 363), they can be found here:


There was an issue with the phone at the reference desk (the one on the left). It kept dropping calls. It ended up being looked at and fixed, but be advised in case it happens again.

The desk printer is not working right now. Nick Liberatore has reported the problem, so someone should be working on it soon.

Voyager has been updated on both of the reference desk computers.

Currently the reference computers have the older Voyager client still on them. Due to Deep Freeze, for the moment you will have to re-install the Voyager 8.1.0 client each time you log-in, until Systems has a chance to add it to the image.

The client can be updated by going to Start-> Library Software-> Voyager 8 -> Voyager 8.1.0 Client.