March 2012

In order to provide adequate study space during final exams, access to Lewis Library will restricted to Loyola University Chicago:


from April 13 (Friday) through May 8 (Tuesday).

Beginning after the Easter break, please be extra careful when responding to questions about access and hours.

FYI, Blackboard Drop-in will not take place within the IC today. If a faculty member requests Blackboard Drop-in support this morning, Jack Corliss has asked that we contact him at 8-7606. Please forward to your staff as needed.

Please check the IC Calendar for scheduling changes during Holy Week. I also sent out an email to all involved.

FYI… Librarians have created two new subject guides related to upcoming events on campus.

Exploring the RMS Titanic:
About the event
Subject Guide

Dalai Lama
About the visit
Subject Guide

If students ask questions about how to buy tickets for the Dalai Lama lecture, please advise them to check their Loyola e-mail accounts. They should have received an e-mail this morning that provides instructions and a link for purchasing tickets online.

Hello Everyone,

This is the time of year when students are really creative about putting books in the reference collection away. I’ve found books hidden behind other books on the shelves, books stacked under other books etc. Just as a reminder it would be really helpful to take an extra couple of minutes and walk the rows. That’s when I find books that are mis-shelved and need to be re-shelved in the correct spot.

Thanks again,


There is a student who frequently comes to the desk and asks to have room 316 unlocked, even though he does not have a reservation to use that room. If anyone asks you to unlock that room (or any room, for that matter), remember to make sure that person has the room reserved.

Room 316 is a special case room that cannot be reserved during the daytime hours because it is reserved as a meeting room, but it can be reserved like a regular group study room after 5:00. It is unlikely that a student will have 316 reserved during the daytime hours.

There have been reports of prank calls to the IC once again, and at least one such call was made to the reference desk this week. If you receive a prank call, please be sure to record it in Libstats using the Prank Call question type and include a description of the call. If you ever feel threatened by a prank caller, you should notify a librarian on duty or an IC supervisor so that we can report it to Campus Safety. If there are no supervisors available, you should always feel free to call Campus Safety yourself.

FYI. I had some problems booting up the librarian’s computer at the reference desk on Friday and put in an IT help ticket. Calvin checked the computer today and wants to replace the hard drive. I’m not sure when this will happen, but if you have any problems with this computer there is no need to enter another help ticket right now.

Thanks, Jeannette