April 2012

Please be extra careful when giving out information about community access through finals. Thanks.

The University Libraries will have restricted guest access during the final exam period. Access policies vary by campus:

Cudahy Library/Klarchek Information Commons
-Effective April 23 – May 8
-Access restricted to Loyola students, faculty, staff, and alumni
-Patrons with courtesy cards, Friends of the Libraries, and visitors from reciprocal institutions will also be granted access. Proper identification is required.

Lewis Library
-Effective April 13– May 8
-Access restricted to Loyola students, faculty, staff, and alumni

On Sunday a student lost their work on a workstation in the Information Commons due to the auto-logout function. As a reminder, the workstations log off after a set amount of time (including a 60 second visual countdown). In most cases, this is due to students walking away from workstations and not saving their work to their own personal devices.

If a student comes to the desk concerned about lost work due to the auto log-out, please refer them to IT staff at the Level 2 desk (our desk). This type of question should not be referred to ResNet.


After unjamming the big stapler yet again, I made the executive decision to start keeping it in the cabinet (with the laptop locks) so that students will have to ask for it. Let me know if you think there’s a better solution. I’ve tried strongly worded signs on the stapler, but students continue to use the stapler for documents that are too small.

You may have been getting questions at the ref desk from students conducting research on: an African country (each student has a different country assigned) / authors from this country / political/social issues). These students are members of an honors program class, “Encountering Africa.” Please feel free to give a student my contact information. Many of these students need in-depth research assistance beyond what we can typically offer at the ref desk. The professor has suggested that the students contact me directly (I’ve worked with about half the class), but some may just show up at the desk.