July 2012

I noticed yesterday that the Username is not being recognized by the system.
Just a heads up and I’ve sent Niamh a message.



I have a project for all the grad students to work on as they sit at the desk. It is not difficult, but it is a bit tedious – sorry!
You will be creating a Subject Guide made up strictly of links to all our existing e-resources on the Databases list.
Your username and password for the Subject Guides Admin Login is the following:
Username: ICgrads@luc.edu
Password: reference
I have created a short Jing outlining the procedure: http://screencast.com/t/1YIHcl750
Here are the steps in creating the guide:
  1. Click on Subject Guides on the Libraries homepage and log into the Admin area with your ICgrads username and password.
  2. Click on the Dashboard link in the upper right hand corner.
  3. From the Create New Guide / Edit Existing Guide drop-down box, select Databases.
  4. You will also need to open a new tab/window. In this new tab, get to the alphabetized list of Databases from the Libraries’ homepage: http://libraries.luc.edu/databases/all
  5. Go back to the tab with your Databases Subject Guide and click on the Add New Link button below the last entry.
  6. You will then go back and forth between your two windows copying and pasting the necessary information, including: Link Title, Link URL, and Description. For the Link URL right click the title on the Databases list and select Copy Link Location/Address.
  7. When you have entered all the information, click Create Link.
  8. Continue until all resources on the entire Database List have been added to the link list.
  9. Please create at least 30 Database links during each of your shifts.  If you are working a longer shift, we would greatly appreciate you completing more as this project needs to be completed quickly.
Please let me know if you have any questions!

Beginning Monday, July 23rd, all IC reference staff should begin using a new program, LibAnalytics, to record reference activity, and discontiue use of LibStats. Lewis staff will begin using LibAnalytics on August 1st.

The LibAnalytics link has been added to the Firefox and IE browsers on the ref desk workstations. You’ll see this link in the bookmarks bar at the top of the page, to the left of Text-A-Librarian. If you don’t find the link, just enter luc.libanalytics.com in the browser address bar, or try the following url: (https://libanalytics.com/login.php?iid=358&target.

The LibAnalytics form asks for the identical information that we’ve entered in LibStats, but the layout has changed somewhat and the login process is different.

Stephen will send the IC ref desk staff basic instructions on the log in procedure, and on how to record desk activity. More detailed information/training will follow. Several desk staff are already using LibAnalytics, so if you have any questions or difficulty, please ask a colleague for assistance. If no one is available to assist you, then please open LibStats and record activity as usual – we’ll be able to re-enter this information into LibAnalytics.

The implementation team members are Stephen Macksey (smackse@luc.edu), Niamh McGuigan (nmcguigan@luc.edu), and Tracy Ruppman (truppman@luc.edu). For more detailed information, please contact Stephen, Tracy, or Niamh.

A number of patrons have reported that they can’t log into library resources, but that they can log into Blackboard and email. Have them call the ITS help desk and tell them “I can’t authenticate in LDAP.” This will hopefully get the patron referred to the right person at ITS instead of back to us. –Jen


I spoke with Nick from DML and he confirms that we have One Print. One Print allows students to print from their laptops and send print jobs to the printers located in the IC and Cudahy. Nick did mention that it is suggested that the program should be installed on the student laptop every semester to make sure that the program is functioning. For additional information please see the attached link:

Thank you,
Faith B.

Hi everyone, Ross just replenished our supply of markers and erasers. I went through and got rid of the dried out ones and replaced them with new ones. There are now extra erasers on the same shelf where the markers are kept. There are extra boxes of markers now in the cabinet on the left (where we keep our blue binder and hand sanitizer and such).

He also brought hand wipes (these are now in the aforementioned cabinet), golf pencils, pens, and white-out. Yay!

– Erica