October 2012

Karen Cherone is now the Circulation Supervisor of the Cudahy Library. Congratulations to her! Also congratulations are due to Amy Leung in the IC on her promotion to Daytime Supervisor.

A math tutoring group meets in IC 230 every Tuesday evening from 7:00 to 8:00 p.m. Any students requesting math tutoring can be directed to Room 230 on the second floor of the Information Commons.

Adam sent this to the supervisors on Friday:

I wanted to follow-up regarding the Group Study Reservation System to let you know that the daily limitations are now in place for both the LSC and WTC. Users can reserve one group study room per day at both the LSC and WTC. If they attempt to reserve more than one room, the system will indicate that they can only reserve one room per day and to select an alternate day or campus.



As requests for research help increase during this time in the semester students are wanting more in depth research help for their topics. What I’ve found helpful is directing them to the “Request Forms” link on the library home page where they can actually fill out the form to request an appointment with a research specialist. This will allow for time to match the student request/research topic with a librarian that can best help that student. Here is the link for the page.


If you have a bag or purse or other personal items at the reference desk, please make sure that it is tucked under the desk at all times. We need to avoid having bags etc in the aisle behind the desk – it can look cluttered or downright messy at time, and it leads to an increased risk of theft. If you have large items (like an umbrella) that don’t fit neatly under the desk, feel free to leave them in the Consultation Office during your shift.

Please continue to hang up coats in the Consultation Office. Cardigans or small jackets can go on the back of the chairs, but as we enter the season of big coats, let’s make sure to keep them in the office.

When a student, faculty member, or staff person contacts us because of a problem with off campus access to an electronic resource, start by asking whether or not they are able to log into their GroupWise e-mail and Blackboard.

If they are not, ask that they change their password in PAM.

If they are able to access Blackboard and their GroupWise e-mail, check their status in PAM.

If it provides their status as a green light, indicate that they will need to contact the ITS Help Desk (e-mail to helpdesk@luc.edu or call 773-508-4487) and ask to be “authenticated in LDAP.”

Previous problems for students and faculty members in the School of Nursing have been addressed so that they need not be treated differently from other members of the Loyola community.

Hello —

When sharing information about hours, please remember that Community Access is Monday – Saturday 8 am – 5 pm.    We do not offer Community Access on Sundays.  Alumni and reciprocal borrowers may enter all hours the library is open except Midnight – 7 am.  Only students, faculty, and staff with a current Loyola ID may stay in the buildings Midnight – 7 am.  We ask all other types of guests to leave at Midnight. 

All guests must have a current Drivers License, State ID, or Passport with them to enter the building.   Additionally, alumni need an alumni card to enter if visiting during non-Community Access hours and Reciprocal Borrowers need their institutional ID with them.

We are working on a new version of the IC web site that will offer more detail about all types of guest access.  In the meantime, if you have questions please consult with an IC Supervisor.

Thanks — Jeannette

Congratulations to Niamh on her appointment as Head of Reference Services!