Hi —

Amy and Paul are going to work extra hard to check the right rooms are unlocked and locked appropriately each morning.  Here is a review of the rooms that are commonly requested for unlocking:

IC 221 is the Writing Center and should be opened for staff of the Writing Center.

IC 229 is the Assistive Technology Room and should be unlocked upon request.

IC 315 is a staff meeting room and may only be unlocked for library staff.

IC 314, 316 and IC 205 are staff spaces during the day, but available on the Group Study Room Reservation System beginning at 5:00 p.m.  [Note that 314 is permanently reserved from 6-Midnight Sunday – Thursday for the Cristo Rey Scholars, so no one else should be able to reserve that room.]

IC 332 is a teleconference meeting space and may only be reserved via Campus Reservations. The room is kept locked and we should go ahead and unlock it if someone indicates that they have a reservation.  If you are ever conflicted about whether the individual actually had a reservation — ask the IC supervisor or a librarian to check the campus reservation system.  Even if you have already let someone in the room, we can go up and remove them or find out what is going on after the fact.

All 4th floor questions should be shifted to the IC supervisor on duty, though the reference librarians may be able to handle some types of questions in the absence of a supervisor.

All of the regular classrooms should be unlocked in the morning and throughout the day.  However, we do lock them after the last classes each evening and they are unlocked again the next morning.  Let me know if you are asked to unlock them so that we can keep an eye on whether this is happening.

Let me know if you have questions.