Our Text a Librarian traffic has been pretty busy lately, so I want to remind everyone of a few policies/best practices.

  • Before responding to a text, remember to check in with all of the other reference desk staff so that we can avoid sending multiple responses to a patron. This mean that, if you are working at the IC Reference Desk, that you check in with anyone sitting with you at the desk or in the consultation office AND with the reference desk staff at Lewis Library. It can be very confusing for a patron to receive two responses, especially if they have different information, so we want to be sure to avoid this whenever possible.
  • Be sure to check with a reference librarian before responding to a patron to say that we don’t a particular book, journal, movie, etc. Some items are tricky to look up by title, so remember to search by author, or try to confirm the title through Worldcat or Google before concluding that we don’t own something.
  • Some questions aren’t well suited to text messages. If you get a question that is just too complex to respond to via text, you may invite the patron to give us a call at the reference desk.