December 2012

During the break, patrons don’t need to reserve a group study room. The reservation system will remain available during this time, so it’s possible that someone will make a reservation, but it’s not required. If a patron wants to guarantee access to a specific room, he or she should make a reservation – otherwise, patrons can walk in to any room.

When reshelving, make sure to put books back properly. Several books labeled government docs. were found on the first floor reference area. Thank you.

When students check out markers, please remind them to erase the white board before they return markers. Thanks.

You may have noticed that the desktop on the grad student workstation contained an rapidly increasing number of document icons.  All of the miscellaneous document icons from the desktop are now in a folder titled “found on desktop – dec 9th.”  Please look at items in this folder and delete any personal docs, such as resumes, pictures of cats, drafts of papers written for class.  Approximately 20 of the items fall under these categories, and most have a staff member’s name on the document.

There are another 36 individual items in the folder; almost all of these are journal articles, probably saved to the desktop while working with someone on a reference question.  There are also three folders, titled “body image,” “typhus,” and “crime in chicago,” each of which contain multiple journal articles.  I’m assuming that all of these can be deleted, but please take a look at these if you think you may have saved articles for your own research.

At the end of the semester the folder will be deleted.

Finally, I left two documents on the desktop because I wasn’t sure if these were library projects.  One is titled scheme.txt and appears to be code.  The second is an Excel spreadsheet with a list of books by call number.  These won’t be deleted at the end of the semester, but if you’re the owner of either document, please consider deleting it from the desktop if the document is no longer useful.

Thanks everyone.

University Christmas Luncheon
Friday, December 21, 2012, from 11:30 AM – 2:30 PM
The University’s annual Christmas luncheon for faculty, staff and retirees, hosted by Michael J. Garanzini, S.J., will be held on Friday, December 21st. This annual luncheon is a great opportunity to come together as a community to celebrate the holiday season.

There will be games with prizes as well as door prizes for attendees. For those driving to the event, courtesy parking will be available in the Main Parking Structure, located at the south end of campus. For those not driving, complimentary shuttle service will be provided for those coming from, and returning to, the Water Tower and Maywood Campuses.

Leona’s, 6935 N. Sheridan
Wednesday, December 19th, 1:00

Both photocopiers are currently reading USB flash drives. If the problem recurs, it is recommended that the photocopy machine is turned off for ten seconds, then re-started. The toggle button to turn on/off the photocopy machine is located on the front beneath a plastic flap.