February 2013

Oversized atlases cannot be shelved in CREF.  Instead, they are on atlas stands adjacent to Niamh’s office and the photocopier room.  These stands are not a unique location in Pegasus.  If you help a researcher who would like to see an atlas, be sure to advise him/her of both locations or, if possible, accompany him/her to Cudahy Library and check both locations together.

When you reshelve, if an atlas will not shelve neatly in CREF, take it to the atlas stands and place it in an available space there.  While you’re at it, tidy up a bit!  More on that theme is coming soon….

The AP Images Database on the library website is unavailable while we sort out issues with our subscription. If you receive questions from patrons who need to use this database, please ask them to e-mail Niamh (nmcguigan@luc.edu) so she can let them know when the database becomes available again.

When a student, faculty member, or staff person contacts us because of a problem with off campus access to an electronic resource, start by asking whether or not they are able to log into their Outlook e-mail and Sakai. Also check to see if they tried using a different browser to access the particular resource (Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Internet Explorer, etc.). If they are still having issues, feel free to refer them to the following link:

Password self-service: https://lpss.luc.edu/SelfService/

ITS recently updated their account troubleshooting page. What was once known as PAM is now Password Self-Service. There are four main sections with subsections. We will want to refer them to #3 Password Reset. All of the subsections are the same for all of the categories, so I’ve only listed them once (bullets).

  1. First time setup
    • Enter user name
    • Confirm
    • Challenge Questions
    • Review
  2. Manage Settings
  3. Password Reset
  4. Account Unlock

Keep in mind that any number of things could be causing access issues or problems with their account. If they are still having access issues try to gather as much information you can about what might be causing that error before referring them. If you can identify a specific issue, refer them to one of the following people:

Will – wkent@luc.edu

Gino – gangeli@luc.edu

ITS Help Desk – http://www.luc.edu/helpdesk/

Registrar – http://www.luc.edu/regrec/

Health Sciences Library – http://library.luhs.org/hslibrary/index.htm

We are troubleshooting access problems with Cambridge Collections Online and Cambridge Histories Online, first reported on Wednesday (2/6/13) afternoon at about 3:00.  Please remember that we have many of these titles in the print collection.  Search the individual titles (such as Cambridge History of Christianity) in Pegasus.  You can use the filter in the blue shaded box on the right side of the results list to see only print books in Cudahy Library.

Access to the Wall Street Journal database is temporarily down; the problem has been reported.
In the meantime, if students need access to recent WSJ articles, have them try:

Library website > Databases > F > Factiva > Wall Street Journal tab


Go to the E-journals tab, select “Title begins with,” type in Wall Street Journal and you will be given access through ABI Inform


It can also be accessed through Proquest Newsstand.

– Erica

Now that we are no longer staffing the reference desk through the night, we need to start keeping the reference desk keys in a more secure location when the desk is unstaffed.
Beginning Monday, February 4, graduate assistants who work the last shift of the day should bring the key ring down to the staff at 1st Floor IC Desk at the end of their shifts. Graduate assistants who work the first shift of the day should stop at the 1st Floor Desk on their way in each morning to pick up the keys from the  desk staff.  Please let Niamh know if you have any questions or concerns.