March 2013

Hello Reference!

The evening supervisors are experiencing some problems with finding people in IC 315 and IC 332 during the evening hours who do not have reservations.  We try to put all reservations on the IC’s Sakai calendar for these rooms, though sometimes they sneak up on us.

IC 315 is a staff meeting room.  It is very rarely used in the evening by anyone.  The schedule is a GroupWise calendar that is accessible to all the librarians and IC supervisors.  Please check with a librarian or supervisor before letting anyone into that room.

IC 332 is the teleconference room.  The room can only be scheduled by Loyola faculty and staff (i.e. not students) via Campus Reservations.  Once again, if you do not see a reservation on Sakai for the person who is asking for access, please ask a librarian or IC supervisor to verify the reservation before letting anyone into the room.



Note: The Sakai calendar that Jeannette refers to is in the Events tab on the left side of the screen when you are logged into the Klarchek IC site in Sakai.  If you don’t know how to access the Klarchek IC site in Sakai, please ask the librarian with whom you are working for instructions.  -Jane

Dear library student employee,
On Friday, March 15th, at 1 p.m. there will be a short focus group session to solicit student feedback on library services. Both graduate students and undergraduate students are welcome to volunteer. You can clock in and be credited for the time you spend, and lunch will be provided as well! Please email Ursula Scholz ( if you are interested in participating

Please remember to take the keys from the Reference Desk drawer to the first floor at the end of the evening shift. Thanks

Someone from ITS has replaced the mice for both computers, and has fixed the computer that wasn’t logging on

The south computer of the Reference Desk, used by the G. A. staff, is not working. It is shutting down and asking for a login, when one goes to login, it shuts down again. The problem has been reported to ITS through the staff in the ITS office so we don’t have a reference number. But they are working on it.