April 2013

Please do not agree to watch bags and other personal items that patrons would like to leave behind or near the desk. We cannot accept responsibility for them and if we see a bag that does not belong to our staff please report it to a supervisor.

Hello Student Workers of the University Libraries, we (SWAG) wanted to invite you to have an ice cream sundae break from finals. On Wednesday afternoon as a thank you for your work this semester and because everyone loves ice cream we will be serving sundaes at both Cudahy Library and Lewis Library.

Who: Any student worker of the University Libraries
What: Ice cream with toppings!
Where: If you are on the Lake Shore Campus come to the Cudahy Break Room which is by the Administrative Offices. If you are at the Water Tower Campus please come to Room 614 in Lewis Towers. If you don’t know where these places are please ask your supervisor. It is very important to us that you eat ice cream and please come regardless of if you are or are not working at that time.
When: Wednesday May 1st 12pm-2pm
Why: Because you are wonderful.

Hi everyone,

The iPad passcode is 5281. The iPod doesn’t require a passcode.


– Erica

As you know we are conducing a feedback session for users of the reference desk. For people who phone in reference questions or may want to take our survey later, feel free to direct them to the noteworthy blog where there is a link to the survey.

Here is the URL: http://blogs.lib.luc.edu/locl/2013/04/16/reference-feedback/

Or from the library homepage, patrons can click on the “Reference Feedback” link under the “News and Events” section of the page.


The link for the anthropology research guide has temporarily disappeared from the library website. The guide itself is still available at this URL: http://libguides.luc.edu/anthropology1 or it can be accessed from the Research Guides A-Z list in the Libguides system. The link should be back soon, but please direct patrons to the guide if you get any questions.

We have entered the restricted guest access period. Please familiarize yourself with these details, and be sure to refer back to them when giving out information related to guest access.

This information is also available on the Library blog:


The University Libraries will have restricted guest access as students prepare for final exams. Access policies vary by campus:

Cudahy Library/Klarchek Information Commons
-Effective Monday, April 15 – Monday, May 13
-Access restricted to Loyola students, faculty, staff, and alumni
-Patrons with courtesy cards, Friends of the Libraries, and visitors from reciprocal institutions will also be granted access. Proper identification is required.
-Community access hours resume on Tuesday, May 14

Lewis Library
-Effective Monday, April 15 – Friday, May 10
-Access restricted to Loyola students, faculty, staff, and alumni
-No guests will be allowed
-Community access hours resume on Saturday, May 11

If a student of Muslim faith inquires about prayer space, please direct the student to the second floor of the Damen Student Center.  A quiet space for prayer has been designated in Cudahy  Library, too.  It’s on the second floor at the end of the hallway where University Archives is located (see the second floor map for more location information).


Starting on Monday, April 15th, we will ask our patrons for feedback on our services. After we answer a question, we will ask the patron if they would be interested in completing a short survey of about 3 questions. Using the iPad touch or the notebook computer, the patron can complete the survey. After they have completed the survey, they may partake in some yummy candy that will be supplied at the Reference Desk.There is also a paper version with a link that a person can complete, either by completing the paper survey and returning it to the desk or finding the link to the survey on the printout. Use of the devices will be convenient and located at the Reference Desk in the box for printed surveys when not in use by patrons and charging during quiet times. At the end of the day, they should be taken to the Consultation Office and kept in the filing cabinet drawer. The opening person should retrieve the devices from the Consultation Office. After logging in, the link to the survey is:


Please ask if you have questions.