August 2013

While looking over desk statistics for the past school year, it became apparent that we, as a department, under-reported our desk activity. Reference Desk stats are useful for many reasons, and it’s important that we accurately record the number of times we help our patrons.
As we start a new school year, please pay careful attention to Libanalytics and be sure that you are recording all transactions that fall within the categories that we record.
Feel free to ask the librarian on duty if you are unsure about recording any transactions. We can always go back a delete or edit the stats in Libanalytics, but it’s much harder to record things after the fact.


UPASS distribution is taking place through Friday, 8/30/13 between 10:00 AM and 6:00 PM in the Centennial Forum (the building that also contains Mertz Hall and the former home of the Rambler Room).

Access Services is aware of problems with the photocopier card readers and is trying to get them repaired.  Please be aware that the “clear,” “cancel,” and “quit” buttons are not always removing a user’s card information after s/he is finished with the machine.  It can take as long as 5-minutes of inactivity before the information clears.  The short-term solution is to unplug the card reader and then plug it back in.  Access Services has requested a long-term solution, and soon!

Please remember to send users to photocopiers on the first floor of Cudahy Library in the event you cannot get either IC machine working.