September 2013

Later today all of the new members of our staff will have learned the reshelving procedure, a task we should attend to Monday through Friday before 12:00 noon.  Please remember that the procedure is explained in a document that you will find in the blue binder and linked from the “pages” section of this blog.  In addition to the day’s shelving, walk through the day’s tidy-up area.  With your help, we can keep our reference collection organized and clean.  Please send questions to me at any time (

The trial run of the new scan to e-mail function on the photocopiers was unsuccessful. At this time, we don’t know when this will be up and running.

SaltarSmart, an adware PUP, asked to install when I opened the Chrome and Firefox browsers this evening; I uninstalled the program and deleted the SS add-on on all three browsers. This isn’t a new infection – there was evidence that SaltarSmart was on the workstation last week when multiple malware programs were removed. At that time I found an empty SaltarSmart folder in the program files, but couldn’t find evidence that it was still on the PC. Today the SaltarSmart program appeared on the program list and was easy to uninstall. SaltarSmart is fairly benign. I think the PC is fully “disinfected,” but please let me know if odd problems occur, particularly with the browsers.

The program allowing users to send scans from the photocopiers directly to e-mail is going to be turned on Tuesday morning, 9/24. Once everything is up and running, Ursula will spend time testing the system, and will then send out instructions for using this feature.
It is unlikely that users will discover this feature on their own because it’s kind of hidden in the photocopier menu, but if you do get questions about scan to e-mail, please contact Cudahy Circulation.

The northmost copier on the IC 2nd floor was not allowing students to log out. I have reported the issue to Ursula and put an out of order sign on the card reader (it will still work with coins).

Hi everyone,

Heads up that Wiley and Cochrane will be down a week from Saturday for maintenance. Below is their message.

We would like to inform you that we are making important upgrades and improvements to
 Wiley Online Library and The Cochrane LIbrary  this  28 September 2013, hence your patrons will experience downtime for approx. 4 hours between 08:00 CST and 13:00 CST. There will also be some delays to online publishing between 25 to 28 September 2013. 

Sorry for any inconvenience.


Sometime between late Sunday night and Monday morning the librarian workstation at the IC ref desk was infected with multiple malware.  It appears to be fine now, but please report if you notice any browser re-directs or unusual search provider add-ons.  If needed, place a  help desk request,  and please cc: me on it.

Among the many programs and add-ons inadvertently installed: Conduit Secure Search, Vafmusic 7, Search Protect by Conduit, SweetPacks Search, Severe Weather, Sever Weather Notifier, and SaltarSmart.  These have all been removed.  I’ve rebooted the PC and it seems as if it’s clear.  If any of these search add-ons on re-appears, please let me know.  -Stephen



The monitor at the grad student workstation is now working.  (There had been an intermittent problem with the vga cable for several months, and the monitor became inoperable late Monday afternoon.  Sarah sent a help desk request, and a technician stopped by to repair it.)

I managed to get a copy of the assignment from one of the students. Students have to be able to provide a photograph of them next to the source for each of the questions, and all questions must be answered with a map or other printed resource.

1. Who was William Hale ‘Big Bill” Thompson and what royal figure did he threaten to ‘bust on the snoot?”
2. Who were the first father-and-son mayors of Chicago?
3. How many Native Americans were living in the Chicago metropolitan area in 1980?
4. What was the date of the Lager Beer Riot?
5. In what year was the Tribune Company incorporated? what year was the paper founded?
6. What building is on the northeast corner of Michigan and Chestnut?
7. What does the scientific or technical term “Chicago boom” mean?
8. What is the direct-line distance between Chicago and Christmas Island in the Indian Ocean?
9. In what year did they lay the cornerstone of the Archbishop Quigley Center at Loyola’s Water Tower Campus?
10. Who is the current mayor of Chicago?

Bonus question:
What is Paul Dailing’s middle name?

Fax machines can be found in the CFSU (Centennial Forum Student Union) in Mertz Hall and in the Hub in the Sullivan Center.